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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: 6 Months Already!

Wow! Baby Addison is already 6 months old and as cute as can be! Six months is such a fun age. I remember Ben at that age and I also remember thinking......it would have been nice to have someone else look after him the first 6 months and then have my maternity leave start after that. ;)

Here are some sneak peaks from Addison's 6 month session last weekend.

Isn't this personalized diaper cover the cutest?!?!

Jolly Jumpers are soooo much fun! Addison was having a total BLAST in hers! I remember Ben loving his. I have so much video footage of him jumping and jumping. I'm sure I'll find some type of use for that later on in his life. heehee

Mommy Lovin'

She was very interested in the grass. It was a bit damp because of the morning dew.

Such and awesome family!

Sleepy Time?

Yes, definitely sleepy time. :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

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