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Thursday, September 10, 2009

PERSONAL: Peter Yuuki Tanaka - Obituary

The following will be in today's issue of the Globe and Mail, submitted by Phyllis.


Obituary for Peter Yuuki Tanaka, born December 26th, 1945 in Greenwood, British Columbia, passed away on September 6th, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario

Peter Yuuki Tanaka passed away peacefully at the St. Joseph Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario at 2:50 a.m. the morning of September 6th,2009. With the exceptional care and support provided by the medical team and healthcare staff at the Odette Cancer Clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital and by his family physician and friend, Ruth Bothern, he dealt with the cancer that riddled his body for over 10 years. Throughout those 10 years he led a fulfilling life, enjoying his time with his wife Phyllis, family, friends and professional associates. Always he knew that this “inconvenience” in his life called cancer would at some point win the day but he wasn’t prepared to go without a good fight.

Peter was a wonderful man who made a significant and positive contribution to society in the shortened time he was here.

Upon his graduation from the University of British Columbia in 1970, Peter and Phyllis moved to Toronto, Ontario where he started his professional life as a market and political analyst for the Japanese External Trade Organization. He later moved into the Ontario public sector. As a senior executive within the government of Ontario, he was involved in restructuring projects designed to make a difference in the Ontario economy and most importantly in the lives of individuals whose livelihoods were at stake. Later, when he ventured back into the private sector as a partner in Strathshore Financial Inc. he continued his leadership role in restructuring endeavours, acting as an advisor to businesses faced with serious structural, governance and operating challenges.

Peter ended his professional life as President and CEO of Comcare Health Services. It was one of the most challenging and personally rewarding positions he had over his career. He relished working with his Comcare teams towards the Comcare vision as the best home care provider in Canada. He truly cared for and valued all within Comcare, knowing that the Comcare vision was a reality because of everyone’s contribution.

Peter’s family and friends were essential to his happiness. He wife of 42 years, Phyllis was his soul mate – he treasured her and was happiest when she was by his side, whether it was just quietly reading together, going for a drive in the country or visiting family and friends. His family, in particular his nephews and nieces, twenty in total, gave him great pleasure. He was also very happy to be “Uncle Pete” to the children of some of his close friends. He took pride in all his nieces and nephews, delighted in their accomplishments and was always glad to hear from them about their adventures and challenges as they grew into wonderful adults.

Peter is survived by his wife Phyllis, his sisters Mary, Catherine, Laura (and husband Haroum), Clare and Dorothy (and husband Greg), his brothers Paul (and wife Arlene), Joseph, Damien (and wife Patti) and Frances (and wife Ruby) and Phyllis’s sister Lynne (and husband Bill), and brothers Ron, Ernest and Robert.

A memorial service is being held starting at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 27th, 2009 at the Vaughan House, Sunnybrook Estates, Toronto Ontario. All who wish to say good bye to Peter are welcome to attend. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to support cancer research – so that others may win the battle with cancer.


Thank you for taking the time to stop and read this. If you would like to share memories of Peter, please feel free to do so by commenting on this post or the one below and I will make sure they are shared with the rest of the family.

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-- Lisa P.


Anonymous said...

I've never had the pleasure to meet Uncle Pete but I do know that he was treasured and loved by Lisa, Benjamin and Paul Piellusch.

My condolences to the entire family.


Unknown said...

Reading Peters accomplishments, would show that Ontario, lost an asset. His family and friends respected and loved him. Peter will be missed.

My condolences to the entire family


Lisa Piellusch said...

Thanks so much for your comments Jane & Al.

Unknown said...

I only just read this message by chance today and was very saddened to hear the news that Peter died last September. I had the privilege of working for Peter at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology for a number of years in the late '80s. He was an amazing boss and a wonderful, caring man with a great sense of humour. While I have not seen or spoken to Peter in years, my good memories of that time will always stay with me. He was a mentor to many.

My sincerest condoleances to you and to Phyllis and the family.

Diana Wickham

Lisa Piellusch said...

Thank you very much Diane for leaving a message. I'll make sure to pass it along to Phyllis.