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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 4 - Boating Fun

What a fun weekend at Hannu's cottage. Despite the crazy rain that fell Saturday afternoon and evening, I think pretty much everyone had a good time. :))

I have photos of people fishing, swimming, hanging out in the rain, etc. etc.....but this one is what Hannu's cottage is all about for little Ben. He LOVES the boat rides with Hannu. :))

Taking The Munchkins For A Boat Ride

Thanks Hannu, and everyone who was there, for a fun weekend despite the rain!!

-- Lisa P.

WEEKLY POLL #12: What kind of Memory?

Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll from last week :)

I'm a bit behind in getting the poll up for this week. I'm going to leave it up for two weeks because I won't be near an internet connection when it's time to switch it up next time.

This week I'm interested in hearing what type of memory your camera(s) use. There are so many types of memory cards used in cameras. I primarily use SDHC and Compact Flash. I've also had cameras that use XD and SmartMedia.

I haven't listed all types in the poll, so if one of your options is 'other', please make a comment on this post to let us know what kind your camera uses :)

Thanks for voting!! :))


CompactFlash 4 (80%)
SmartMedia 0 (0%)
Memory Stick 0 (0%)
Secure Digital 2 (40%)
xD 0 (0%)
Memory Card? I use film! 0 (0%)
Other (Please explain in a comment on the post related to this poll) 0 (0%)


-- Lisa P.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


"What the Duck" is an online comic strip by Aaron Johnson. Viewers are welcome to link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.

Here is one I like from the past week:

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! :)

-- Lisa P.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 3 - "Choo Chooooo"

Now I think I know why people do 'Photo of the Day' instead of 'Photo of the Week'! It's difficult sometimes to pick just one photo.

Last week was a busy week and even in one day included things like Ben taking the bandage off of his teddy bear that went to the teddy bear clinic the weekend before, a hike with good friends and a surprise birthday party.

I had hubby help narrow down the choice from all of the photos taken last week. Then I had Ben help pick the final one. Here it is:

"Choooo Choooo"

Why this one? I took this while on a hike with Debbie and Parky. The hike they took me on to get me out of the house while Paul and some other friends got things set up for the party. So it covers off a lot of things for me :)

-- Lisa P.

Monday, July 20, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #11: Flash??

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to those who voted on weekly poll #10 about B&W vs. colour. :) Looks like colour is the preference.

This week the poll topic is Flash.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I started to realize how powerful flash can be in photography. I knew about using the pop-up flash on my cameras and I knew some of the basic aspects of lighting. What I didn't know a lot about was using efficiently outdoors.

Some people love using flash, some people hate it. I think I'm somewhere in the middle.

These are what I use with my camera: SB600 and SB800

There has been so much over the past couple of years that I've learned about lighting, whether it be through photography colleagues online or in various courses, seminars, etc. I think I sense a blog post topic coming up! ;)

So what I would like to know this week is how you use flash/light in your photography. I know some of you are professional photographers and some aren't, so I'm interested in how the results will turn out :)

As always, don't be shy to add a comment to this post with more details about your equipment or with questions.

Now....vote, vote, vote!!!! :))

-- Lisa P.


I only use the flash on my camera when it tells me to 3 (50%)
I use a flash on the camera like the SB800 that was mentioned 0 (0%)
I use off camera flash 0 (0%)
I use on camera and off camera flash 2 (33%)
I hate flash and don't use it. Natural light all the way! 0 (0%)
Flash? My camera has a flash?? 1 (16%)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Comics: What The Duck

"What the Duck" is an online comic strip by Aaron Johnson. Viewers are welcome to link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.

Here is one I like from the past week and a bit:

Don't forget to vote on the poll this week! :)

-- Lisa P.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 2 - A Boy & Cat Reunited

The photo for this week was picked by Ben. This was the week that Nisei came home after being gone for a week. I did write a couple of blog posts about the ordeal:

For My Son and My Cat

A boy and his cat reunited

What a week that was. This photo was included in the second blog post, but I think it deserves a spot in my Photo of the Week gallery. :)

One Happy Boy

Thanks for looking, and as always, comments welcome.

-- Lisa P.

Monday, July 13, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #10: Colour or Black & White??

Thanks everyone who voted on last week's poll. :) Looks like our favourite thing(s) to photograph is nature.

This week, my question for you is what do you prefer? Colour photos or Black & White? I know some people don't care for B&W at all.

Black & White?


Black & White?

For me, it's tough to pick. Sometimes I really prefer colour, especially in nature and wildlife shots. And when people are wearing nice brilliant colours, I like that too. But sometimes I'll prefer a nice crisp B&W.

OK, OK.....if I HAVE to pick between one or the other, I think I'll have to say I prefer colour. :)

This wouldn't be the same in B&W

Don't forget to vote on the poll at the right!! :)


I prefer colour photographs 4 (66%)
I prefer Black & White photographs 2 (33%)


-- Lisa P.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


"What the Duck" is an online comic strip by Aaron Johnson. Viewers are welcome to link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.

Here is one I like from this past week:

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to vote on the fun poll at the right. :)

-- Lisa P.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 1 - Family

I know a lot of people do Photo of the Day projects. Right now, since I'm only able to work on my photography part time, I think a daily photo is too ambitious for me. But I really do like the idea. So I'm going to try and do a Photo of the Week project for the next year.

My goal at the end is to have a book of 52 photos that will reflect what was going on in my life during that time.

I'll always be posting a photo from the previous week.

Week 1 included Canada Day for us mid-week as well as Independence Day for my American relatives. We went for the weekend down to the U.S. for a family get together. It was a fun time and it was difficult to pick just one photo. The reason I chose this group shot is because the weekend was about getting together with family. :)

A Small Portion of the Tanaka Family

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PERSONAL: A boy and his cat....Reunited :)

Last night was the toughest night for little Ben. He was worrying about Nisei not having any food and being lost and scared. I told him it was alright to cry if he wanted to and he cried little tears for about 15 minutes and then he fell asleep.

This morning, Paul was out getting the garbage organized for garbage day and noticed that the food we left out on the back deck had been eaten. When he was at the side of the house by the shed he saw a black cat go running by. "Nisei" he called. And finally Nisei came over.

He brought the cat into the house and we woke Ben up. Ben's not a morning person but he jumped up and started petting Nisei. Then he ran to take his pull up off and he went into the shower with no complaints. NO COMPLAINTS! He HATES having to get clean.

Then, after he was dressed, he wanted Mommy to take some pictures of him and Nisei so he could take them to Rocking Horse.

And so....here they are:

LOOK! Nisei's Home :)


More Smiles :)

A little to much cuddling for Nisei

-- Lisa P.

PS: Don't forget to vote on the new weekly poll. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #9: What is your favourite photo subject?

This poll topic was suggested by one of my followers, Al. Thanks Al! :)

I think we all have our favourite things that we like to take photos of, whether it be people, animals, landscapes, fruit, cars, etc. etc.

I mostly enjoy photographing people, pets, nature and wildlife. I guess I'm not so much interested in the inanimate objects.

So what about you? What do you like to photograph the most?? You can choose more than one item on the list. If you choose 'other', let us know what by commenting on this post.

Vote on the new poll at the right. :)

-- Lisa P.


People 4 (57%)
Nature (i.e.: landscape, flowers, waterscape, etc) 6 (85%)
Wildlife (animals, reptiles, bugs, etc.) 4 (57%)
Pets 3 (42%)
Inanimate Objects (i.e.: cars, furniture, shoes, etc.) 1 (14%)
Fruits & Veggies 0 (0%)
Other (specify what in a comment below the post about this poll) 1 (14%)


Monday, July 6, 2009

PERSONAL: For my son and my cat

I was going to start something new this week (new for me, but not a new idea by any means), however because our cat is still missing and my little guy has been walking the neighbourhood handing out flyers and posting a few in town, I'm going to dedicate this post to him and our cat Nisei, who may or may not find his way home.

Nisei has been missing since Canada Day when he was scared off by lawn tractor and other noises. He's mainly an indoor cat and isn't very 'street smart', plus our back yard area and behind are mainly woods and tall grass/weeds.

Here are a few photos from over the years.

Who are you??

Who let him into MY backyard??

Lounging Around

Can I maybe get a little privacy please?

You again??

Finally....Good Buddies :)

Thanks for looking.

-- Lisa P

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here's a What The Duck comic for you :)

"What the Duck" is an online comic strip by Aaron Johnson. Viewers are welcome to link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #8: Do you take pictures at your local celebrations?

We're celebrating Canada Day today.

"Check Out My Canada Day Tattoo"
(Canada Day 5 Yrs Ago)

I'm sure where you live, there are many celebrations going on throughout the year, especially during summer months. In my local community, there seems to be at least one or two each month! There is always something going on.

My question to you this week is when you go out to these celebrations and festivals, do you go to simply enjoy the day with your friends and family and leave your camera behind, or do you take your camera in order to capture the fun of the day?

I'm interested in knowing what your favourite local celebration/festival event is in your area. Leave a comment and even a web link so I can check it out! :))

And don't forget to vote on the poll!! ;)


Yes! I'm snapping the whole day! 4 (66%)
No, I leave the camera at home! 2 (33%)
I don't attend local celebrations 0 (0%)

-- Lisa P.