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Monday, December 31, 2012

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #26 - Precious Little One

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas.  I've been totally losing track of the days and should have posted this on the weekend.  It was so nice to have this little precious one in my studio before Christmas.

Week #26 - December 18, 2012Precious Little One@Picture Your Life Photography - Tottenham, ON

Thanks for looking!

 -- Lisa P.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #25 - Decorating the Christmas Tree

While the family was decorating the Christmas tree last weekend, I took a few photos with my phone.  (Gotta capture those moments!!)  :)  This guy just looked cute with all of the lights around him.

Week #25 - December 16, 2012Decorating the TreeTottenham, ON

And, as we were decorating the tree, I was reminded of when Ben was much, much smaller and had the cutest little voice, and decorating the tree was such a new adventure for him....

Fortunately, we have a video for that!!  heehee  Well, it's actually in two parts and Ben will probably be mad at me for posting it, but that's ok.  He'll only be mad if he realizes it.  MWUAHAHAHAHAHA  :)

You may need to crank your volume up, as his voice is tiny (mine, of course, is extra loud since I'm holding the video camera!).  

Decorating the Christmas Tree - Part 1

Decorating the Christmas Tree - Part 2
(I'm not sure if he just learned about the word 'beautiful' or what....haha)

Thanks for indulging the 'mommy' in me.  :)  If only he were still so tiny and innocent.

Wishing you and your families a most wonderful Christmas.  Be safe!

Thanks for looking.

 -- Lisa P.

Monday, December 17, 2012

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #24 - Meet Angelica

I didn't take many personal photos during week 24, but did have a client in the studio.  Here is beautiful Angelica.  :)

Week #24 - December 9, 2012Beautiful AngelicaTottenham, ON

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Monday, December 10, 2012

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #23 - A Wave for Santa

Tottenham isn't a big place, but we do have a cute little Santa Claus parade!! :)  I know you can't see his face, but I'm sure you can imagine the expression that's on it as he waves.

Thanks for looking!

 -- Lisa P.

Monday, December 3, 2012

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #22 - The Woman in Red

I was down this weekend with a case of the 24 hour flu (generously shared with me by my son and husband).  Fortunately, I was only out of full commission from Saturday evening until this morning, but I did neglect to post the Photo of the Week from a week ago.  So here it is!

Without this wonderful woman, generously donating her day to sit in front of the camera, we would not be able to do our 'Photos with Mrs. Claus' fundraiser at the Women's Christmas Showcase of South Simcoe.  Thank you Shelley.  :)

And thank you also to Ginette for all of your help with editing photos this year.  

For those who didn't make it to the showcase, we offered digital images on a DVD 'while you wait'.  There weren't as many people stopping to have their photo taken this year (fewer kids at the show I think), but we still managed to collect $55 for "My Sister's Place".  Not close to our $160+ we raised last year, unfortunately, but we will definitely make it our goal to get back to that number for next time around!

Thanks for looking!

 -- Lisa P.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CONTESTS AND GIVEAWAYS - Winners of the 4th Anniversary Giveaway!!!!

It was fun hosting my first giveaway of this type.  I'd like to thank the local business women who donated a prize.  They are all awesome and I have had the pleasure of working with each of them during this past year.

Renee Jadek from Renee J Fitness - Facebook and Web Site

Erin Forrester from Epicure Selections with Erin Forrester, Independent Consultant - Facebook

Judy Irvine - Lia Sophia Star Leader - Web Site and Current Catalogue

And then there's me.....

Lisa Piellusch from Picture Your Life Photography - Facebook and Web Site

Lisa Piellusch - Shaklee Independent Distributor - Facebook and Web Site

(Here's a link to the original blog post that announced the prizes.  CLICK HERE)

OK, now down to business.  I had to redraw for a few of the prizes a few times as some people did not meet the entry criteria to be eligible to win.  Here are the final results........


PRIZE:  From Picture Your Life Photography - A complementary custom portrait session at my location.

WINNER:  Colleen Kotnisz

PRIZE:  From Renee J Fitness - A Gift Certificate towards an Exercise and/or Nutrition & Lifestyle Remote Coaching Package

WINNER:  Ruth Collette

PRIZE:  From Epicure Selections with Erin Forrester, Independent Consultant - $20 in Free Products

WINNER:  Leigh Ross

PRIZE:  From Judy Irvine, Lia Sophia Star Leader - Bangle Bracelet

WINNER:  Elaine Uskoski

PRIZE:  From Lisa Piellusch, Shaklee Independent Distributor - Scour Off

WINNER:  Debbie Brennan

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who participated.  If you are a winner, please contact the business who donated your prize via their Facebook Page to arrange to claim it.  Elaine, I have the Bracelet from Judy for you so I will contact you to arrange delivery.

Thanks for looking! :)

 -- Lisa P.