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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: Summer Softball!!

I'm so excited to finally blog about my summer softball adventures. :)

I was chosen to photograph the individual and team pictures for the Tottenham Minor Softball League this past summer. It was my first time doing this and was a lot of fun. I learned A LOT as well, and will hopefully get to put those learnings into practice next year if I'm selected to do the photographs again.

I want to give a big thanks to Ginette Stone for her assistance on the main photo days. Things wouldn't have run as smoothly without her. And, of course, thanks to Paul who came out to help when he could as well. :)

I was a bit worried what the parents would think, as I did something that was different than what they were used to receiving. Here is Ben, with his team. This is the layout I did, as an 8x10 for each player who had his/her photo taken. Most of the feedback I received was positive, so that's good. :)

Thank you to all of the parents for allowing me to post these photos of their children who were on my team. It was such an AWESOME bunch of kids!! There were a couple missing from our main team photo, so we did one more. This collage below shows all of the kids on our team as well as the two team photos we did.

Thanks to our team sponsor AJ Your DJ who came out to some of our games and brought jumbo freezies!

You might be wondering what I'm doing in the team photo! Shortly after Ben's softball season started, his coach had to step down due to scheduling conflicts with his work. Somehow, I ended up volunteering to be the Coach. I was sooooo glad that Bonnie was the Assistant Coach and that Gina agreed to be the Pitcher for the team.

It was a lot of fun watching each kid improve throughout the season. I even saw one literally grow over an inch too!! haha :) I think they had fun as well.

Being the coach had one downside though. I wasn't being able to take pictures of Ben at practices and games or at his season ending awards ceremony. I missed capturing those pictures of him with his new baseball friends, giving his coaches a hard time, horsing around on the field and, of course, making those awesome hits and plays in the field. ;) And Ben and I would usually make cards/collages for his coaches out of the pictures I took of them with the kids throughout the season to thank them at the end of it all. That didn't quite work out this time. haha :)

Paul took some pictures for me during the awards. This is just after I gave Ben his trophy.

This is me with Bonnie, the Assistant Coach.

And this one was taken by Ben. Don't you just love all the dirt?! hehe I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture. Good job Ben!

Thanks to the AJ Your DJ players for an awesome season, to their parents for all of their help and support throughout the season and to Tottenham Minor Softball for the opportunity to photograph the kids this past season.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This baby girl has herself an awesome best friend. :) Can't you just picture them growing up together??

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: A Beautiful Day With a Beautiful Family

I was so fortunate to have another session this past weekend. This one was in the Tottenham area and it was such a beautiful day.

Meet Tina and her beautiful family.

A little boy and his best friend. :)

Such a beautiful couple.

It was a gorgeous afternoon.

(Click image to view larger)

Thank you Tina, for the opportunity to photograph your wonderful family. I hope you like your sneak peak.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: A Super Fun Family Session

After Addison's 9 month session, I did a bigger family session with her Mommy's side of the family. What a fun time that was! The family was so nice and all of the little kiddies, so cute!

Have a look for yourself.....

They were soooo much fun. Can't you tell?!

We took a few pictures at the house. Here are a couple of them.

Then we headed on down to the beach!!

I think this next one is one of my favourites.

Then, when we were done at the beach, we did a few more with the kids back at the house.

Thank you all for inviting me into your lives to photograph you. It was such a fun time and I hope you like your sneak peak.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: Addison Is Nine Months Old!

It's so hard to believe that little baby Addison is already 9 months old. It feels like I just did her newborn session.

This past weekend I had the fortune of photographing her again. It's so awesome to see how different she is each time I see her.

Here are some of the photos from her session.

It was great to do some of the family shots down by the beach this time. We snuck those in during the larger family session we did that same day with Kirsten's side of the family. Stay tuned for the blog post from that session.

Kirsten & Bannon, I hope you liked your sneak peak. Thank you once again for inviting me into your home to photograph you and your sweet little Addison.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #11 - First Day of School

Even though Ben's summer holidays were great, I'm happy to be back on a relatively normal routine again.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

PERSONAL: Can you say "YUMMMMMM"?!

On September 8th I entered a giveaway that Fairytale Brownies was having on their Facebook Page. I know about Fairytale Brownies because when I worked at my Corporate job, one of our Sales Managers sent some of their brownies to our office at Christmas time. OMG, they were sooooo delicious.

The giveaway was for some of their new cookie flavours. I was one of the 5 people who won!! Woohoo!! And I TOTALLY forgot about it until today when UPS left a box at my door. It looked like this:

OK, so now I was excited because I had just gotten home from a client meeting and I realized that I was a bit hungry for a snack! ;) When I opened the box, there was even a note in it for me. :) What a nice touch.

And as I started unpacking the box, I felt something heavy and squishy wrapped inside some paper....what the heck?? OK, it was this!

This is the box that the actual cookies were in. Isn't it pretty? :) It was a slide off cover.

And once I slid that nice cover off and opened up the box.....I came to the tissue wrapping. OMG....the suspense was killing me by this point! LOL I think I might have been starting to salivate as well....

Really?! Would someone really go and stuff these things in the fridge for a month?! Or even worse.... the FREEZER for 6 months!!!! That just sounds a little crazy to me.... ;) Oh, alright...I suppose if you were ordering a bunch for the holidays or something..... :)

FINALLY! The cookies! And wow, I wasn't paying attention when I entered the giveaway, so I didn't realize that they would be sending me 16 cookies. YES, you heard me correctly.....SIXTEEN COOKIES! There were 4 of each flavour: Double Chocolate, Caramel Pecan, Peanut Butter and Toffee Chocolate Chip.

I said 'were' 4 of each flavour because I couldn't resist and I ate one.......

And I guess I'd better get tasting the other 3 flavours.


You saw the note........ I have to let Alyssa and Hilary know which one is my favourite.....


Thanks for looking.

*** UPDATE - September 19, 2011: OK, my favourite flavour is.....Caramel Pecan!! YUM! ***

-- Lisa P.