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Thursday, September 15, 2011

PERSONAL: Can you say "YUMMMMMM"?!

On September 8th I entered a giveaway that Fairytale Brownies was having on their Facebook Page. I know about Fairytale Brownies because when I worked at my Corporate job, one of our Sales Managers sent some of their brownies to our office at Christmas time. OMG, they were sooooo delicious.

The giveaway was for some of their new cookie flavours. I was one of the 5 people who won!! Woohoo!! And I TOTALLY forgot about it until today when UPS left a box at my door. It looked like this:

OK, so now I was excited because I had just gotten home from a client meeting and I realized that I was a bit hungry for a snack! ;) When I opened the box, there was even a note in it for me. :) What a nice touch.

And as I started unpacking the box, I felt something heavy and squishy wrapped inside some paper....what the heck?? OK, it was this!

This is the box that the actual cookies were in. Isn't it pretty? :) It was a slide off cover.

And once I slid that nice cover off and opened up the box.....I came to the tissue wrapping. OMG....the suspense was killing me by this point! LOL I think I might have been starting to salivate as well....

Really?! Would someone really go and stuff these things in the fridge for a month?! Or even worse.... the FREEZER for 6 months!!!! That just sounds a little crazy to me.... ;) Oh, alright...I suppose if you were ordering a bunch for the holidays or something..... :)

FINALLY! The cookies! And wow, I wasn't paying attention when I entered the giveaway, so I didn't realize that they would be sending me 16 cookies. YES, you heard me correctly.....SIXTEEN COOKIES! There were 4 of each flavour: Double Chocolate, Caramel Pecan, Peanut Butter and Toffee Chocolate Chip.

I said 'were' 4 of each flavour because I couldn't resist and I ate one.......

And I guess I'd better get tasting the other 3 flavours.


You saw the note........ I have to let Alyssa and Hilary know which one is my favourite.....


Thanks for looking.

*** UPDATE - September 19, 2011: OK, my favourite flavour is.....Caramel Pecan!! YUM! ***

-- Lisa P.

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