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Monday, February 28, 2011


I first met Lani at a networking 'Mix & Mingle' with the Dufferin Mompreneurs back in mid-January. I was so happy to be able to take some professional headshots for her this past weekend. :)

Meet Lani

Lani is an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. She also has a Facebook Page for those of you on Facebook.

I love the colour she wore. OK, I might be biased since the colours in the shirt are some of my favourites!

Thanks Lani for allowing me to photograph you and also for the facial! :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #34: Who Loves Oreos?

Oreos with milk, yes. Oreos with ice cream? Double YES!

This is a closer up version of the mini oreos from Ben's class Valentine's ice cream sundae party. He said this was his favourite because the cookies look sooooo BIG!

So here they are.

Mmmm Oreos

Thanks for looking. :)

-- Lisa P.

Friday, February 25, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: Meet Tammeron

I had the pleasure of meeting Tammeron at one of the Networking meetings I was at earlier this month in Bolton. She booked a Professional Headshot session with me and we did that last week at her place in Belfountain.

Meet Tammeron

It's such a nice drive to Belfountain. OK, much prettier in the Fall perhaps, but still, a very nice drive. :)

Tammeron is the owner of "Tammeron Centres For Well Being". Their mission is "to provide education about Mother Nature's Medicine", and Tammeron's vision statement is "to create global education centres for individuals to support well being through self esteem and organic whole food nutrition".

In addition to providing education about our wellness, Tammeron's Centre has a storefront where you can also purchase fabulous food and beverages. I had the most delicious tea after the photo session. It was a green tea with medicinal berries. Mmmmmm so good. I also enjoyed some zucchini spaghetti with tomato and garlic sauces. Also delicious!

Even the containers are good for us


Yes, it was as tastey as it looks. And it's meant to be eaten cold.

Thank you Tammeron for having me photograph you and thanks for the delicious tea! I'm going to have to stop by again to get some more.

Thanks for looking :)

-- Lisa P.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PERSONAL: Valentine's Ice Cream Sundaes

Well, it's taken until Ben was halfways through grade 2, but I finally made it to volunteer in his class! :) I went in on Valentine's Day to help with his class Ice Cream Sundae Valentine's Day party. How exciting does that sound?!

Ben greeted me with a huge hug when I arrived. Actually, so did some of his friends. LOL

Of course, I took my camera so I could capture the yumminess that is Ice Cream Sundaes. :)


Don't forget the sprinkles

Mmmm Bananas (There was other fruit too - Strawberries, Blueberries...)


Yes, those are mini-marshmallows

Someone's final creation

Ben with his final creation

Yes, I know, what was I thinking dressing him in blue on Valentine's Day....LOL! Didn't even think about that! He said he wanted to wear an older shirt because he thought they might get messy at school that day. I didn't even think about the colour of it.

The whipped cream got forgotten until the sundaes were almost done. Unfortunate?? Hmmmm just a matter of opinion I suppose. The kids seemed to enjoy the mouthfuls they got. ;)

Whipped cream anyone??

And I loved reading this poster of Valentine words that the teacher and kids put together. They had it up on the wall of the classroom.

Can you guess which two are my favourite??

It was a super fun afternoon. Some of the ice cream sundaes looked questionable as far as eating them was concerned, but none of the kids seemed to care. I think a lot of them had more toppings than ice cream. There must have been a dozen different toppings. It was awesome! I only had a few on mine though ;)

I took photos of everyone with their sundaes and of people getting squirted with the whipped cream. Then I made two big 13x19 inch collages for Ben to take to school later that week for the class. Each kid also got a small version of their pictures with their ice cream sundaes to take home. Oh, and I made a short little video clip thing as well for them to watch in class. Ahhhh photographic/creative bliss for me! :))

Yesterday, Ben brought home this huge thank you letter from the class. It's really awesome!! :)

So Ben, thank you for letting me come volunteer in your class. I'm so glad I haven't missed out on the time period where it's still 'cool' for your Mom to come and do that. ;) heehee

What an awesome time!! :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

PERSONAL: Moving On To Round 7!

Well, again we move on to the next round. I think unless we can gain more support from ARPH followers/supporters, we will have a very very difficult time making the top 5. But hey! You never know unless you try, right? There's still a chance to win $$ for a very good organization, so we have to try. :)

Ben and Maggie are getting kind of tired of this whole taking pictures and voting thing....

When you go to vote, you'll notice that Maggie's voting photo is similar to one posted before in an earlier round I think. She just wasn't into posing much yesterday, so I got what I could get. :)

Here is the new link to vote for Maggie: VOTE FOR MAGGIE
Thanks so much to those who are voting, spreading the word and even just stopping by to have a look. It's all good because it helps to spread the word about Aussie Rescue.

Visit the Ontario web site for ARPH for more information about where we adopted Maggie from.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #33: Go Steelers Go!

Well, those of you who watched the Superbowl know how it ended up. No win for the Steelers. But it was nice to see both of my boys sitting together sharing a few father/son moments :)

"Go Steelers Go!"

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PERSONAL: Round 6 - Please vote for Maggie

OK, it's the start of round 6. Sorry for the delay in posting the link. I was a bit late submitting Maggie's photo for this round and it was just approved now.

In case you didn't go over to vote in Round 5, here is her photo from that round.

We used another outdoor photo for Round 6. You can find it here at the Bissell contest: Maggie's Round 6 Photo

Her photo ID number for this round is 73308, in case you have troubles searching for her by name.

Thanks to all who have been voting. It's for a great organization (Aussie Rescue Placement Helpline Inc)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MY COMMUNITY: Joy of Life Fashion Show in Support of the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Digital Mammography Campaign

Wow, that title is sure a mouthful to say! :)

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending and taking photographs at the Joy of Life Fashion Show in Alliston, ON. You may have seen the flyer in my latest newsletter.

Joyce Walker and her right hand woman, Maureen Uprichard organized a fantastic event and for such a great cause: Supporting the "It's Crystal Clear Digital Mammography Campaign" for the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation.

The Dynamic Duo :)

There were several vendors so attendees could do some shopping. I'm not sure if I got a photograph of every table, but most I think.

Vendors (click to view a bit larger)

There was a silent auction, door prizes, raffles, bags of goodies and of course, Joyce's homemade 'boobie cookies'. I brought my cookies home and Ben (my 7 yr old) thought they were tastey! :)

The tables look great with the bright pink and green colours. So vibrant and alive!


And the kitchen was busy preparing for the lunch. The vegetarian lasagna I had was very yummy. I love lasagna!

Busy in the Kitchen

One of the authors of the book 'Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul', Janet Matthews, was there as the guest speaker. She was also selling and signing books with part of the proceeds being donated to the cause. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place during her talk.

Joyce, Janet with Hospital Representatives

I'm not sure what the final ticket sales count was, but the place looked pretty full.

Ladies (and a few men) Enjoying Lunch

There was even a live auction with Deputy Mayor Rick Milne as Auctioneer and Lisa Morgan showing off the auction item. The item being auctioned? A custom bra cake! :) The cake was made by The Cocoa Cakery.

Custom Bra Cake

And then the Fashion Show, with fashions from 'Jockey Person To Person' and Nygard got underway. Below are a few of the photos from the show.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event by purchasing tickets, volunteering, sponsoring, etc.

And thanks for looking! :)

-- Lisa P.

Friday, February 11, 2011

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #32 - "We don't want our picture taken anymore"

I wish that little tail on the left wasn't tucked under like that, and I wish they were lined up a bit nicer......but sometimes, you get what you get, and that's more than good enough. :)

"We don't want our picture taken anymore."

I also thought about titling it "Talk to the puppy tail", but really, they were getting pretty tired by this point. ;)

Thanks for looking! :)

-- Lisa P.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PERSONAL: It's The Start of Round 5 - Please vote for Maggie

Well, it's the start of another round in the Bissell MVP Photo Contest.

Here is the link to Maggie's new Round 5 Photo: CLICK HERE

Just like before, sometimes the search function doesn't work properly, so please use the link to find Maggie or try searching for her by her Round 5 Photo ID #: 59696

When you go to vote, you'll see that she ventured outdoors for this round's photo.

"Are you SURE you've been voting for me??"

Thanks for you support and votes. Help support Aussie Rescue!

And thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #31: Keep Them Sharp

I need to try and post my Photo of the Week from the previous week a bit sooner than Sundays! One of these days I'm going to forget. ;)

Keep Them Sharp

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CLIENT SHOOTS: Meet the newest puppies at 'Burbrook Cavaliers'

On Thursday I had the pleasure of photographing the most adorable little puppies for Peggy of Burbrook Cavaliers.

I've photographed animals of many sizes before, but never 5 wee ones at once. OMG! They were sooo cute!!

The Burbrook Puppies

I swear they were sometimes giving me dirty looks as we plopped them into pots and other containers. ;) But they were really good sports about it.

"Why did you put me in a pot?"

The Wee One (only 2 pounds, 4 ounces)

Another puppy in a pot

"Are you looking at me?"

"Can I come out now?"

There was one puppy who always had his right paw hanging over the edge of whatever container we used. Very casual and laid back. I called him the adorable little 'surfer dude'.

Just chillin'

Sometimes it was a bit crowded

There's always at least one in the bunch... ;)

Everyone's Accounted For

Thanks so much Peggy for having me photograph your sweet little puppies and thanks Gail for the extra set of hands to help keep these little guys in line! :)

Thanks for looking.

-- Lisa P.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PERSONAL: Round 4 Starts Today!

So here we go into Round 4 of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest. Voting starts today. They should be announcing winners from Round 3 today sometime.

This photo isn't the one I entered for this week, but it's from the same series I took on the weekend of Maggie. Perhaps she's getting tired of this picture taking/voting process. LOL :)

"This voting business is taking for.ev.er *SIGH*"

Those of you who have been voting will have noticed that you can't see the number of votes any longer. It's a shame, but apparently people were cheating and so they had to add some extra validation processes. You can read more about it on the Bissell Facebook Page.

Click HERE for Maggie's new voting link.

If you have troubles finding her, you can try a search by her number for this round which is 49014.

To see the other posts I've made about the contest, click on the 'Personal' links at the right under the 'VIEW POSTS BY TOPIC' heading.

Thanks so much to everyone who is voting. Your support is appreciated. :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.