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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PERSONAL: Valentine's Ice Cream Sundaes

Well, it's taken until Ben was halfways through grade 2, but I finally made it to volunteer in his class! :) I went in on Valentine's Day to help with his class Ice Cream Sundae Valentine's Day party. How exciting does that sound?!

Ben greeted me with a huge hug when I arrived. Actually, so did some of his friends. LOL

Of course, I took my camera so I could capture the yumminess that is Ice Cream Sundaes. :)


Don't forget the sprinkles

Mmmm Bananas (There was other fruit too - Strawberries, Blueberries...)


Yes, those are mini-marshmallows

Someone's final creation

Ben with his final creation

Yes, I know, what was I thinking dressing him in blue on Valentine's Day....LOL! Didn't even think about that! He said he wanted to wear an older shirt because he thought they might get messy at school that day. I didn't even think about the colour of it.

The whipped cream got forgotten until the sundaes were almost done. Unfortunate?? Hmmmm just a matter of opinion I suppose. The kids seemed to enjoy the mouthfuls they got. ;)

Whipped cream anyone??

And I loved reading this poster of Valentine words that the teacher and kids put together. They had it up on the wall of the classroom.

Can you guess which two are my favourite??

It was a super fun afternoon. Some of the ice cream sundaes looked questionable as far as eating them was concerned, but none of the kids seemed to care. I think a lot of them had more toppings than ice cream. There must have been a dozen different toppings. It was awesome! I only had a few on mine though ;)

I took photos of everyone with their sundaes and of people getting squirted with the whipped cream. Then I made two big 13x19 inch collages for Ben to take to school later that week for the class. Each kid also got a small version of their pictures with their ice cream sundaes to take home. Oh, and I made a short little video clip thing as well for them to watch in class. Ahhhh photographic/creative bliss for me! :))

Yesterday, Ben brought home this huge thank you letter from the class. It's really awesome!! :)

So Ben, thank you for letting me come volunteer in your class. I'm so glad I haven't missed out on the time period where it's still 'cool' for your Mom to come and do that. ;) heehee

What an awesome time!! :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

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