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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #19 - Do you let your children use your camera?

I love that my 5 3/4 yr old loves taking photos. :)

At an early age I got him his own Fisher Price Digital Camera. He liked it just fine, but he's always wanted to use "Mommy's Camera".

I've let him use my old Olympus Point & Shoot starting from when he was just over 5 yrs old. This summer, after I got my new Nikon D700 DSLR, I let him use my Nikon D80 and we went on a scavenger hunt while on a camping trip. Instead of collecting the various items on the list, we took photos of the items on the list.

Most recently, this past weekend, he used my D700 when we were at our Uncle's Memorial Service. I didn't have my 'big' flash unit on (as I was trying to be less conspicuous), so it wasn't toooooo heavy for him. He did take some nice pictures. You can usually tell which are the ones he took......anything that looks like it was taken from about 3 ft high...LOL! But they weren't all bad and he actually got a few nice ones. It's a bit surprising, considering I had the camera on manual mode and he had to just take the pictures without making any adjustments. And.....the camera was pretty heavy for the little guy. But that didn't stop him! :) Did I mention there were tons of chairs all over the place?!

Here's a sample of his work:

Family Times

Not bad, all things considered. :) The bonus was how much fun he had taking the pictures he took.

I could post more, but I'll leave it at just this one.

Thanks for looking and don't forget to go over to the vote on the right hand side and vote!! :)


Yes, but not the SLR. Only the Point & Shoot 1 (14%)
Yes, they can use it, but only if supervised 2 (28%)
Yes, they can use it whenever they want 3 (42%)
Yes, but not if under the age of 6 0 (0%)
No, they have to use their own 1 (14%)
I don't have any kids 0 (0%)

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 12 - New Paint = New Bathroom Accessories

Week 12 was a busy week. I guess most are, but this one felt busier than usual. It was Sunday evening when I realized I hadn't taken any photos at all!! Uh oh.....Need to find something to take a picture of for the Photo of the Week project.

Here it is. What is it you ask? It's my new toothbrush holder!! Woohoo!!

We FINALLY had our master ensuite painted (after 3 years!!). It was only a couple of coats of paint, but the change is quite drastic. So of course, with new paint comes a need for new accessories.

My New Toothbrush Holder

Thanks for looking!! :)

-- Lisa P.


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-- Lisa P.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #18: What's your preference for kid's portraits?

When you think of children's portraits, do you automatically think seasonal or themed?

"Ho Ho Ho"

"Easter Creations"

Or maybe you're a fan of the more traditional or more posed type shots?

Adorable Sisters

Hanging Out In A Tree

Or are you someone who enjoys seeing your kids as natural, fun and maybe sometimes even wacky??

What Is It?



So what is it? What's your preference?? Vote on the fun poll over at the right. I look forward to seeing what you like most :) And I LOVE to hear your comments. Just click the comments link at the bottom of this post.


Seasonal or Themed 0 (0%)
Traditional or Posed 1 (20%)
Natural, Fun & Sometimes Wacky 5 (100%)

-- Lisa P.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 11 - T-ball Ends Until Next Season

Week 11 marked the end of the T-ball season for this year. The weather was decent, the games were short and the end of season 'banquet' (which consists of hotdogs, ice cream, medals and trophies) was enjoyed by all.

I love how the boys are holding on tight to their trophies and how big brother jumped in at the last second to be in the picture. :))

End of T-Ball For 2009

So since T-ball is over for the season, I won't be subjecting you to Ben's t-ball photos. LOL Well......I might do a season recap, but that won't be part of the Photo of the Week project. ;)

Don't forget to vote on the poll over on the right hand side.

-- Lisa P.


"What the Duck" is an online comic strip by Aaron Johnson. Viewers are welcome to link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

-- Lisa P.

Monday, September 14, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #17: Do you like 'close ups'??

I took a week off from the 'Weekly Poll', but it's back this week! :)

So do you like getting close up shots of things? The more technical term is 'Macro', but I also like to refer to them as close up shots since I'm not up to speed on the exact mathematics behind whether something can be considered a true Macro shot.

Do you like to get a picture of the inside of the flower, or do you prefer to see the entire thing, including the stem?

Personally, particularly when it comes to nature type shots, I do love getting close up to the subject. It's challenging but the results can be spectacular.

Here's an example of where I've done both. The first is the stepping back view. I've used this as a background and have even inset the close up photo in the corner for a page of a calendar.

A View Of The Weeds

But I really like the close up shot. It was challenging as there was a bit of a breeze that day and it was difficult to get a sharp shot so close in.

Getting Close Up

If you want to see some REALLY cool macro insect shots.....check out this guy's site

Now go VOTE over on the right hand side near the top!! :)

Poll Results:

Yes - Love getting in close 2 (50%)
No - I prefer to step back and see the entire subject 2 (50%)


-- Lisa P.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

CLIENT SHOOTS: Mayor's Charity Golf Tournament

About a week ago I had the opportunity to shoot for the local Mayor's Charity Golf Tournament up at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort Golf Club in Alliston, Ontario. It was very last minute and I wasn't sure if it was something I'd be able to do, with what was going on in my family life at the time. But in the end I did take on the job as it would be a good experience for me and when I told my Uncle Pete about it when I was visiting him in the hospital, I think he agreed. :)

So I ventured into the unknown, having never shot an event such as this before. Most of the events I've shot have been family type events and people aren't on the move as they are in a golf tournament.

Mayor of New Tecumseth & Staff

My task.... drive around in a golf cart and get group shots of each foursome, as well as a few candid shots and have the group shots printed (approx 144 prints) in time for dinner. Time would be tight, but I always like a good challenge. Had there been a bit more notice, I would have been able to arrange for an assistant to accompany me to help take shots. But that would have been the ideal situationand not nearly as 'interesting' ;)

I ended up 'losing' a few of the groups and spent a bit of time trying to find them on the course. That ate up valuable time.

Not Quite Lined Up

I kept my client informed as to my progress and that it would be tight to meet the deadline. Once I had all of the shots I headed to the Inn to prepare the shots for printing and provide my client with some digital files for the slide show during dinner. Then off to the local Staples to get the prints done. It should have been quite simple, as I had contacted the Staples twice to ensure they would be able to accommodate my requirement and was told it would not be a problem to have my prints in an hour.

So.....2 hours later.....after they had problems with one of their computers and then took forever to cut the photos, I finally got the prints in my hand. Of course, I was freaking out in my head as I stood in the Staples for the entire 2 hours, praying things would speed up. I was also reminding myself how I hate it when items such as this are out of my control and thought that I should have done the printing myself. But realistically, in the timeline initially specified, it would have been impossible to print that many prints on my printer in time. And even though the quality of the print would have been much better, the cost would have been significantly higher.

When I returned to the Inn, my clients were very understanding, as apparently it was quite a challenge for them last year too, and they had decided to use the group photos as Thank You cards and would mail them to each participant instead of hand them out at the dinner. Thank God! I felt extremely bad as I hate being late.

All of The Golf Carts Line Up Was A Pretty Spectacular Sight

It was, however, a totally fun time, despite the horrible mid-day lighting, the frantic driving around the golf course, the even more frantic getting prints done and being totally exhausted at the end. The amount I learned was enormous, and if I am able to secure the job for next year, I now have the knowledge to suggest and quote on various options for shooting, printing and photo usage that I would not be able to had I not lived this experience.

I was definitely in my happy place :)

Thanks for reading!

-- Lisa P.


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Check out some of the animated strips on his site as well.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 10 - Ready For Grade 1

Sorry for being a bit tardy with posting my Photo of the Week for last week. It was a bit of a tough week.

But despite that, time keeps moving forward and we had to get ready for Grade 1. What an exciting time for Ben. New clothes, new supplies, new school bag and lunch box. Not to mention the anticipation of seeing friends that he hadn't seen all summer.

I was trying to catch the 'golden hour' of light, but it's difficult sometimes to get your 5 yr old to cooperate when it comes to being on time. So we made due with what we had. :)

Practicing Those ABC's

Thanks for looking.

-- Lisa P.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

PERSONAL: Peter Yuuki Tanaka - Obituary

The following will be in today's issue of the Globe and Mail, submitted by Phyllis.


Obituary for Peter Yuuki Tanaka, born December 26th, 1945 in Greenwood, British Columbia, passed away on September 6th, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario

Peter Yuuki Tanaka passed away peacefully at the St. Joseph Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario at 2:50 a.m. the morning of September 6th,2009. With the exceptional care and support provided by the medical team and healthcare staff at the Odette Cancer Clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital and by his family physician and friend, Ruth Bothern, he dealt with the cancer that riddled his body for over 10 years. Throughout those 10 years he led a fulfilling life, enjoying his time with his wife Phyllis, family, friends and professional associates. Always he knew that this “inconvenience” in his life called cancer would at some point win the day but he wasn’t prepared to go without a good fight.

Peter was a wonderful man who made a significant and positive contribution to society in the shortened time he was here.

Upon his graduation from the University of British Columbia in 1970, Peter and Phyllis moved to Toronto, Ontario where he started his professional life as a market and political analyst for the Japanese External Trade Organization. He later moved into the Ontario public sector. As a senior executive within the government of Ontario, he was involved in restructuring projects designed to make a difference in the Ontario economy and most importantly in the lives of individuals whose livelihoods were at stake. Later, when he ventured back into the private sector as a partner in Strathshore Financial Inc. he continued his leadership role in restructuring endeavours, acting as an advisor to businesses faced with serious structural, governance and operating challenges.

Peter ended his professional life as President and CEO of Comcare Health Services. It was one of the most challenging and personally rewarding positions he had over his career. He relished working with his Comcare teams towards the Comcare vision as the best home care provider in Canada. He truly cared for and valued all within Comcare, knowing that the Comcare vision was a reality because of everyone’s contribution.

Peter’s family and friends were essential to his happiness. He wife of 42 years, Phyllis was his soul mate – he treasured her and was happiest when she was by his side, whether it was just quietly reading together, going for a drive in the country or visiting family and friends. His family, in particular his nephews and nieces, twenty in total, gave him great pleasure. He was also very happy to be “Uncle Pete” to the children of some of his close friends. He took pride in all his nieces and nephews, delighted in their accomplishments and was always glad to hear from them about their adventures and challenges as they grew into wonderful adults.

Peter is survived by his wife Phyllis, his sisters Mary, Catherine, Laura (and husband Haroum), Clare and Dorothy (and husband Greg), his brothers Paul (and wife Arlene), Joseph, Damien (and wife Patti) and Frances (and wife Ruby) and Phyllis’s sister Lynne (and husband Bill), and brothers Ron, Ernest and Robert.

A memorial service is being held starting at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 27th, 2009 at the Vaughan House, Sunnybrook Estates, Toronto Ontario. All who wish to say good bye to Peter are welcome to attend. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to support cancer research – so that others may win the battle with cancer.


Thank you for taking the time to stop and read this. If you would like to share memories of Peter, please feel free to do so by commenting on this post or the one below and I will make sure they are shared with the rest of the family.

FYI...The quick link section to posts relating to Peter Tanaka is near the top on the right hand side, in case you were looking for that.

-- Lisa P.

Monday, September 7, 2009

PERSONAL: Peter Tanaka - Gone But Not Forgotten

**** Updated September 9, 2009 at the bottom of the post ****

To say the past couple of weeks have been difficult and sad for many people I know, would be an understatement. This past weekend, we lost a truly great man. A husband, brother, uncle, mentor and father figure, not to mention an outstanding businessman. His dedication to his family, friends and work is to be admired. He was strong, fought hard and continued to make plans until the end.

If you are interested, you can read about his most recent career information here and a bit of additional info here. There are many other things he did during his professional lifetime, but this entry isn't about his career accomplishments, it's just about the man I know as "Uncle Pete".

My cousin Sherri remembered that someone once told her that "every conversation you have with Peter Tanaka is significant". My cousin Andrea said that "he was fantastic, and had a way of making everyone else feel fantastic too".

I think all of us cousins have many many fantastic memories of Uncle Pete growing up. As children we remember how he always sent the most awesome toys....with the batteries almost worn out because he had to always 'test' them out first to make sure they worked properly.

For me, he was not only an Uncle, but also a mentor and father figure when I moved out to Toronto to go to University and lived with he and Aunt Phyllis. He always said "School was a 'garden' and I'd get through it just fine". He's given me an enormous amount of career and professional advice, including that related to starting my own business. I don't know that I would have had the confidence to delve into this venture if it wasn't for his advice and encouragement.

Most of the Japanese cooking I know how to do I learned from Uncle Pete, and my guess is my love for 'gadgets' must come from him as well. ;) When looking for his bluetooth ear piece a few days ago in their house for Aunt Phyllis, I found 3 or 4 that weren't the current one....

Uncle Pete

You may be wondering why pretty much all of the photos are of Uncle Pete with Ben. Yesterday, Ben told me that he hopes he never forgets Uncle Pete. I am so glad that Ben got to know Uncle Pete, even if only for a little over 5 yrs. I am thankful to have these and many other photos of Ben with Uncle Pete, as despite Ben's hope that he never forget, he's only 5, and without these pictures to help secure the memories in his mind, he most likely would forget sooner rather than later.

I could go on for pages and pages, but I'll end it here by saying he left us much too soon.

For those of us who have had the amazing opportunity of knowing, growing up and working with him, Peter Tanaka will never be forgotten.

(Please feel free to leave your memories/comments below. You don't need to sign up to leave comments)

UPDATED TO ADD: If you are trying to find a way to get a message to Phyllis or anyone else in the family, you can click this link to send an e-mail and I will ensure that your message is delivered. Thank you for the kind words that have been sent already.


An obituary will be going into the Globe & Mail tomorrow.
Peter's Celebration of Life Service will be as follows:
September 27, 2009
Vaughan House located on the grounds of Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto

I will post a copy of the obituary on my blog as well once I have a copy.


The Obituary is posted in the Globe & Mail today. I also have posted a copy of it on my blog here. If you've come directly to this post, just click the 'Blog' link at the top of the page and it will refresh and you will see the Obituary post.

-- Lisa P.


OK, so it's already Monday....but technically, it's a long weekend, so I'm not really late after all :)

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Here's one I liked from this past week:

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-- Lisa P.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 9 - Inside or Outside?

So it seems that I've been more of a Mommy than a Photographer these past couple of weeks. You can tell by my Photo of the Week for last week and this week.

Stop That Ball....However Way You Can ;)

I guess at 5 it doesn't really matter if you use the inside or outside of the glove to get the ball...... ;)

Thanks for looking and don't forget to vote in the poll at the right AND....if you're not a fan on my facebook page already, quick.....go become a fan!! :)) I almost have the 100 fans that I need in order to update the username for my facebook page so the URL will be much easier to promote.


-- Lisa P.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WEEKLY POLL 16: Have you ever had a professional photo session?

There are many photo studios out there. These range from 'big box' stores such as the Sears & Walmart's to studios in malls to freelance photographers. There are so many options.

My question for this week is simple:

Have you ever had a professional photo session? This can be in a studio or on location, even in your own home.

If you want to tell us about your experience, leave a comment on this post. (And you know I'd LOVE to hear about it!!)

Thanks for voting!! :))

Poll Results:

Yes 6 (85%)
No 1 (14%)


-- Lisa P.