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Monday, September 14, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #17: Do you like 'close ups'??

I took a week off from the 'Weekly Poll', but it's back this week! :)

So do you like getting close up shots of things? The more technical term is 'Macro', but I also like to refer to them as close up shots since I'm not up to speed on the exact mathematics behind whether something can be considered a true Macro shot.

Do you like to get a picture of the inside of the flower, or do you prefer to see the entire thing, including the stem?

Personally, particularly when it comes to nature type shots, I do love getting close up to the subject. It's challenging but the results can be spectacular.

Here's an example of where I've done both. The first is the stepping back view. I've used this as a background and have even inset the close up photo in the corner for a page of a calendar.

A View Of The Weeds

But I really like the close up shot. It was challenging as there was a bit of a breeze that day and it was difficult to get a sharp shot so close in.

Getting Close Up

If you want to see some REALLY cool macro insect shots.....check out this guy's site

Now go VOTE over on the right hand side near the top!! :)

Poll Results:

Yes - Love getting in close 2 (50%)
No - I prefer to step back and see the entire subject 2 (50%)


-- Lisa P.


Capt. Edward S. Isaacs said...

The close ups can be interesting, you can find things that one missed at first sight.
Cool shots.

Lisa Piellusch said...

Yes, I agree, Ed. Getting in close can definitely give you a different perspective. I've discovered things in close up shots that I've taken that I didn't necessarily notice at the time I took them.

Thanks! :)

-- Lisa P.