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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #12: What kind of Memory?

Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll from last week :)

I'm a bit behind in getting the poll up for this week. I'm going to leave it up for two weeks because I won't be near an internet connection when it's time to switch it up next time.

This week I'm interested in hearing what type of memory your camera(s) use. There are so many types of memory cards used in cameras. I primarily use SDHC and Compact Flash. I've also had cameras that use XD and SmartMedia.

I haven't listed all types in the poll, so if one of your options is 'other', please make a comment on this post to let us know what kind your camera uses :)

Thanks for voting!! :))


CompactFlash 4 (80%)
SmartMedia 0 (0%)
Memory Stick 0 (0%)
Secure Digital 2 (40%)
xD 0 (0%)
Memory Card? I use film! 0 (0%)
Other (Please explain in a comment on the post related to this poll) 0 (0%)


-- Lisa P.

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