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Thursday, May 16, 2013

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #45 - My Ride Warrior

Ben LOVES rides.  The faster and higher the better.  The fact that he always tells me he's afraid of heights makes absolutely no sense! LOL

We get Season's Passes to Canada's Wonderland and a couple of days before the park officially opens, they have a Season's Pass sneak preview night.  We went and Ben had the most amazing time.  In the first 40 minutes, he went on the Leviathan 7 times.  It was awesome for him.  At one point there was a teeny tiny line that had formed.  He said he didn't want to wait and wanted to move on.  I told him that this would be the one and only time where the lines would be this SHORT!!  (The one time he went on the Leviathan last summer, he waited in line for over 2 hours)

In total, he rode various rides at least 24 times that evening within a 4 hour period.  It was kind of crazy!  I'm so glad he had a fun time and didn't have to wait in long lines.  One time, he was even the only person riding the Drop Tower! :)

Here he is having a snack break.

Week #45 - May 3, 2013My Ride WarriorCanada's Wonderland - Vaughan, ON

Thanks for looking!

 -- Lisa P.

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