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Sunday, January 15, 2012

PERSONAL: Some 'wild' birthday fun!

Ben would like to warn Gramma Clare that there are going to be pictures of things she doesn't like in here, like slithery snakes. One of them is a really pretty colour, but you might want to scroll through quickly. ;)

For Ben's 8th birthday, Party Safari came to the house. I was sooo lucky to have won a monthly giveaway that was put on by Take The Party Outside and Party Safari earlier last year. I was able to keep it a secret from Ben up until probably a couple of months before his birthday.

Jennifer was awesome with the animals and the kids. I think they learned a lot about the animals as well as had fun too.

Here are some photos from the party. (You'll see that my studio space got taken over that afternoon. I should have tidied it up a bit more since I was taking pictures!)

Ben's decided that he doesn't really care for cake anymore, so instead we had fruit and ice cream. (except everyone was so busy, we ran out of time for the ice cream) These were from Fruity DeLites in Alliston.

These next photos include most of the animals we saw during the party.

Time for a break to stretch our legs and arms.

Time for a stretching break

Isn't this one a pretty colour?

This turtle was pretty darn quick!

This one was anxious to come out and see who was making all of the noise.

The pinata this year was a pirate ship. That thing must have been made out of super duper strong cardboard because each kid had 3 hits with the blindfold on (with a baseball bat!). It sounded like the bat was hitting rock! Then I let Ben take some wacks at it without the blindfold and he finally cracked a small corner (you can see it in the photo below). Finally Paul really wacked it good and the candies fell to the floor.

Thanks to everyone for being a part of a super fun birthday for Ben, especially to Jennifer and her very special animal family. He had such a blast. I'll include a few more different photos in my newsletter.

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

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