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Sunday, May 13, 2012

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #45 - Capturing dinosaurs with his own camera

For the second week in a row I managed to take Ben to Wonderland.  Like I said.....I want to make sure we use those passes more this year than we did last.  May 6th was opening day at Wonderland.  I almost posted the picture of Ben getting measured for his height wristband.  He grew from the first time we went.  He was almost 54"!  It was so strange.  He had been saying all week that he was feeling a bit different and that he thought he got taller and sure enough......he probably grew at least an inch.  How is that possible?!  LOL

The girl working at the measuring station said that he might make it before the end of the summer.  Ben is soooo hoping he does.  He wants to go on the Leviathan so badly.....the behemouth as well.  He's been wanting to go on all of the 54" rides since he started going to Wonderland a few years ago.

For opening day, I paid for the new dinosaur attractions.  Ben loved them and he too his own camera that day.  He had so much fun video taping the moving dinosaurs.

Week #45 - May 6, 2012Capturing dinosaurs with his own cameraCanada's Wonderland - Vaughan, ON

Thanks for looking and Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful women out there.  I hope you've had a fabulous weekend.

 -- Lisa P.

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