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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GETTING ORGANIZED: Finally, another 'unveiling' \o/

Do you ever have so much on the go that you have troubles knowing where to begin? Or you seem to be crossing things off of your list, but the list never seems to end as things are added faster than they are removed?

I feel like that pretty much every day these days!

But at least I know I AM accomplishing things, even if the pace isn't as quick as I'd like it to be right now. It can be very overwhelming, but as long as I keep the ultimate goals in mind, I somehow keep moving ahead.

There is so much to catch up on and so many things to sort through.

You may recall when I announced my new logo back in November. Lara Vujanic worked on my design and I was so excited to share it with everyone. :) Well, a few weeks later she finished a web banner for me. I've been waiting to try and make updates to my overall colour scheme, etc. for my blog and web site before I launch the banner, but I decided last night that I just can't wait any longer! I decided that I just have to move ahead and put it up and sort the finer details out as I go.

So if you look up at the top, you'll see the new banner. :)) Thanks so much Lara for the awesome design. I LOVE it and how it ties in with my logo!!

Here's a version of it for this post:

I'm actually going to also be creating a physical banner with the same design for something I have coming up in March. I'll have a blog post soon about that exciting little event, but if you follow my facebook page, you should already know what I'm referring to. ;)

So thank you again Lara! And if anyone is looking for design work, I can put you in touch with her. :)  You can also see some of her work here.

You may have also noticed that I expanded the width of my blog.  I wanted to be able to display the photos in a larger size, so from now on you should hopefully be able to see the photos better right here on the blog :)

Thanks for looking.

-- Lisa P.

{I usually try and keep things pertaining to only one label, but I can't decide if this is about "Getting Organized" or if it's more "On The Business Side". So I'll title it about "Getting Organized", but I'll label it with both labels since it does have a hint of Business. ;) }


PictureYourWorld said...

It looks beautiful LisaP! I love it and your talented design friend has done an great job of capturing your style. Congratulations!

Lisa Piellusch said...

Thanks Sheba :) I'm quite happy with it. Lara did a great job of it. :)