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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #31: Hold on tight

On Sunday I had to stop over at Procyon Wildlife to drop off some product samples and pick up a few more to photograph for their web site. My 6 yr old came with me and he LOVES animals.

Cynthia has a pet ferret and it didn't take Ben long to find it. He was hesitant at first to hold it, but that wore off quickly. Of course, he wants one for himself now.

"Hold on tight!"

Looking at this photograph reminds me of how excited he was to actually hold a ferret and how excited he was to see all of the dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons and even the porcupine (although he did find that one a wee bit scarey!).  I didn't think I'd ever get him out of there!!

This picture is definitely worth a thousand words.  <3

Thanks for looking!

 -- Lisa P.

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