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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ON THE BUSINESS SIDE: Photographer....MIA??

So I received an e-mail this afternoon from someone who had gotten their wedding photographs done by a Photographer in the same Province I reside.  I know this Photographer, only via an online forum we both are members of and I've followed his work from time to time on his web site and Twitter.  He's very talented.

The e-mail basically asked if I knew how to get in touch with him (the writer saw that I followed him on Twitter and he only has a handful of followers).  Apparently he photographed their wedding last October and since that time they have not had any contact with him.  He's disconnected his phone numbers and email addresses.  :-O

I checked his web site address and it doesn't exist any longer and I checked the forum that we belong to and he hasn't posted anything there since last May. 


I don't like to make assumptions, but it really looks like he's disappeared off of the face of the Earth and this poor couple is not going to have any professional photos of one of the most important events of their life.  :-(  How sad.  And how maddening if he has basically 'skipped town'.  I'm really hoping there is some reasonable and valid explanation, but from the information I have, it doesn't look promising.  Also, I hope nothing bad has happened to the Photographer.  There doesn't seem to be any information.  So strange!

I could not leave a client hanging like that.  There are a lot of situations where a re-shoot can replace lost photographic opportunities, but a wedding isn't really one of them unfortunately.  It's a once in a lifetime special event that is supposed to be captured in real time.

I feel badly for this couple and I really hope somehow they end up getting their photographs or at least the digital files and then they can get someone else to edit/process them.  *crossing fingers*

OK, so I can't just post a blog entry without including any pictures!  So here's a couple of shots of my favourite couple :))

Thanks for reading and looking. :)

-- Lisa P.

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