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Sunday, January 3, 2010

PERSONAL: The Christmas Holidays of 2009

What a busy holiday! It's only January 3rd and I'm already falling behind. haha I think my life is just like that sometimes. I am determined to catch up though!!

I had hoped to write my last post of 2009 actually in 2009 and then start January 1st with my 'Happy New Year' post. But that just did not happen. So this is my holiday post.....just a wee bit late.

This holiday was like most....full of Christmas projects, lots of food, drink, family and friends. The one significant difference this holiday was that one key person was missing: My Uncle Pete.

Christmas Eve has been spent at their house for more years than I can remember. Except for this one. There was definitely an empty spot left unfilled this holiday. With so many family celebrations usually taking place involving both he and and my Aunt, it was much quieter and at times it didn't feel like the holiday season.  Many of my thoughts were with my Aunt over the past couple of weeks.  *HUGGS*

But there is always much to do to prepare for Christmas and that kept my mind somewhat occupied.

My annual 'craft' is my calendars.  Here is a picture of the back page that shows all of the photos I've included in the 2010 calendar.

I never seem to stock up on enough ink as I always print more than I think I will. I'm stubborn and a control freak, which is why I insist on printing my own (at least for now). I did finally add another printer to my list of equipment. It definitely made the job less stressful than last year, so that was a good thing :)

Santa came and went, but, as Ben noticed when he looked at this picture, he forgot to close the fireplace..... ;)

There are way to many pictures I could post of Christmas, so I will stop at the ones above. I don't want to bore you all too much!

The end of December is quite a busy time for my little family as well.  Right after Christmas is Ben's birthday.  He waits (impatiently) for his birthday every year.  He's very sure that all of his friends have more birthdays than he does because he has to wait so long for his to arrive.

This year I made birthday cupcakes. I remember one of the things my Mom used to let me do when I was a kid was lick the bowl after making my favourite chocolate cake. How fun is that?!

The cupcakes turned out alright. The pictures turned out better before the icing was applied though.....

He had a great time at his party with his friends. :)

And so I've come to the end of my very late Christmas holidays post for 2009. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as well, regardless of what holiday it is you celebrate.

Hopefully I'll get my Happy 2010 post done soon. I can't wait!! :))

Thanks for reading.

-- Lisa P.

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