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Friday, March 19, 2010

ON THE BUSINESS SIDE: Stats from the ballot bag

I've finally been able to sort through the ballot bag from the show last weekend. 

In case you missed it in my post on Sunday, the winner of the complementary photo session was Diane H from Woodbridge. Diane has been contacted and hopefully we can schedule a session soon :)

I found out who won the photo session that I donated to the silent auction as well. It was Sonia M in the 705 area code :) Sonia, I will be contacting you this weekend to discuss when you want to schedule your session for.

Congratulations to both of you! :)

So here are the stats from my ballot bag:

93 people filled in a ballot
  • 33 of those people indicated they wanted to be added to the mailing list :)
  • 6 of those people indicated they wantd to be added to my mailing list but unfortunately didn't provide their e-mail address :( (If you think you signed up for the mailing list but don't remember if you included your e-mail address, contact me if you don't receive an e-mail within the next week)
  • 3 of those people included their e-mail address but didn't indicate whether or not they wanted to be added to the list, so I've added them  ;)
  • 51 of those people indicated they did not want to be added to the mailing list.

I know there was a fair number of people who stopped by who didn't fill in a ballot as well.  My guesstimate would be around 20 or so people, but my assistants may have a better idea.

I will hopefully get you 33 people added to the mailing list this weekend and will send out a message.

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by for doing so.  I wish I could have met and chatted with everyone.  Hopefully I'll get that opportunity in the future :)

Here is another peek at one of the photos I took at the show.

Thanks for reading.

 -- Lisa P.


Anonymous said...

What a nice shot of your client. Not bad for an on the spot pic...LOL

Lisa Piellusch said...

She looks great! :))