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Friday, May 28, 2010

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #47 - "Reflections"

Wow!  Time is just passing me by.  There are so many things keeping me busy I can't keep up with myself! 

For the 'May 2-4' long weekend (aka Victoria Day long weekend), we went on our usual camping trip.  Not far from home, but still good to get the trailer out :).  And WOW!  What a fantastic weekend.  Usually you hope for 10 degrees celcius on the long weekend.  I can't believe how hot it was this year.  I'm not even sure the temperature went DOWN to 10 degrees at night!

Of course, camping always means fun photo opportunities for me.  Since getting my Palm Pre last Fall (which has the camera on it), I was able to take a lot of fun pictures of Ben.  If we're friends or family, you would have seen a bunch of them that I sent to my personal Facebook page over the weekend.  Ben knows that if I use my camera phone to take pictures, we can send them right away to Facebook, so now he'll sometimes tell me which camera I should bring on our walks, etc. :)

He helped me pick the Photo of the Week from last week.  He said this was his favourite (even over pictures of him fishing with Daddy) because he liked the reflections.


Thanks for looking, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!! :)

-- Lisa P.

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