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Monday, December 19, 2011

PERSONAL: Doug's Cookie Exchange 2011

Speaking of Doug's cookie exchange.......

I think it just keeps getting better every year! :) By the time the taste testing started so we could pick the yummiest treat, I was so full from all of the food and wine Doug had out for us! But I did manage to taste all of the goodies so that I could vote. ;)

Thank you Connor, Doug and Carlo for helping take some of the pictures for me so I'm actually in a few of them. :)

Here is the amazing group of bakers for this year's exchange.

Group of bakers

The finalists in the yummiest treat competition (minus one late addition).

The finalists for the yummiest 'cookie'

The winner of the yummiest treat. It was this chocolate/peanut butter/crispy ball of goodness!

Winner of the yummiest treat!  Mmmmm chocolate/peanut butter balls.  They were sooooo good.

Look at all of the fabulous looking packaging!


Winner of the best packaging. (She made rum balls and packaged them in glass mugs)

Winner of the best packaging award.

And the most festively dressed.

Winner of most festively dressed. :)

It was a great time. Thanks Doug for the invitation again this year. And thanks Carlo & Mary for the ride home! :)

Thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

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