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Friday, June 28, 2013

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #52 - My little ball hockey player

Wow.  So crazy that this is the last Photo of the Week for year 4.  Four years!  I'm just shocked that I've remembered to take at least one photo each week for that long!!  There were a couple weeks this past year that I thought I had forgotten, and then I found something on my phone.  :)

I haven't been as good at posting them in a timely manner though.  Hopefully I'll be a bit better at that for year 5.

So here is the final Photo of the Week image for Year 4.

My little ball hockey player.  Number 87.  I'm not sure he's going to play next year.  He always waivers back and forth.  I was actually surprised he changed his mind at the last minute this year and decided to play again.

Week #52 - June 23, 2013My little ball hockey playerBeeton, ON

Thanks for looking!

 -- Lisa P.

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