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Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday was quite a nice day. The sun was shining and Im pretty sure the temperature was over 10 degrees celcius where I live. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside, sick in bed, with the blinds closed to stop the light from adding to my already pounding head.

Now, let's fast forward to today. I'm still sick in bed, however what's going on outside was quite a surprise when I actually took a look! Unfortunately I'm not feeling up to venturing outside, so I took these from my back door at around noon today. I think it's still snowing out there. The tobaggan hill looks like it's ready for use again!!

I assume it will most likely be all gone in the next day or two. But for today, school buses were cancelled and we have a snow day in April. Thankfully my 5 yr old goes to a daycare before and after school so he didn't have to stay home with me. While his intentions are always good, he really isn't that good at taking care of me when I'm sick ;)

You can see in this first photo that some of the tree tops really suffered from the large amount of snow, ice and wind we received over the winter. Many of them are leaning over.

If I were feeling better, I'd venture out to get some more shots, as I really do love how peaceful and clean things look right after a snowfall. Especially in the country. But I think I'll stay under the covers with my juice, chicken soup and box of kleenex.


I took another shot about 6 hours later. I think there was almost another 2 inches of snow. And it's still snowing out there tonight too!! If it keeps it up, we might lose a few more trees tonight. The snow is very heavy because it's wet and there are a few smaller trees REALLY leaning over with the winds. :(

-- Lisa P.

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