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Sunday, December 5, 2010


OK, if I don't do this now, you won't see it until well into the New Year.

What a fun time I had at Doug's cookie exchange. For those who don't know, Doug is a client of mine, but he also plays ball with the hubby. I didn't formally meet him until he booked his photo session though. AND, I got an invite to his first cookie exchange (and mine too). Woot!

So, here's how it all went down........

Everyone slipped on the hardwood floors because they were polished with Pledge. Shiney, but yes, oh so very slippery. (note to selves.....do not polish your floors with Pledge unless you all walk around in bare feet) *wink*

Wine was tastey..... And I haven't tasted Zambooka (did I spell that right?) since camping with Sue Kluckow many years ago! :) And at that time, I think there gummy worms/bears involved. :D

Treats were SOOO delish!!

YUM!!!! This was our sampler plate!

Karen won for best presentation...she had these cute boxes that her treats were 'wrapped' in.

Sue won tastiest treat. Mmmmmm raspberry something or others. Sooo good.

I think I definitely found those 5 pounds I lost. But oh so worth it! :)

Thanks everyone for the fun times and yummy treats. :)

This is everyone without me in the picture

This is me in the picture minus Susan

Thanks Doug for hosting.

Thanks Paul for finally coming to pick me up!!!!! LOL

And thanks all for looking :)

-- Lisa P.


Karen said...

Lisa I just LOVED your blog....I think you and Doug are soul mates. The pictures are great, you really captured the moments of a "perfect cookie exchange" thank you!


Doug Dwyer said...

Nice work Lisa! It amazes me that you can make our little sampler plate look 'catalogue worthy'!

BTW, I can cook a little bit, but I never claimed to have no slip floors. At least no one got hurt!!!