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Saturday, December 4, 2010

PERSONAL: Lisa's in the kitchen baking?! What?!

OK, so I used to bake years ago when I was younger. But that morphed into mostly buying baked goods once I started working full time.

So it must have been a moment of weakness when I agreed to be in a cookie exchange a month or so ago.

That brings us to today (well, I started last night). Amongst editing photos, making updates to the Procyon web site, attending the local Santa Claus parade, keeping an eye on sweet Maggie (because she was spay this week and has her stitches to keep track of), etc. etc..... I did end up actually baking something. WOOHOO!

So Doug, here is what I've made.

Some kind of chewy coconut, nut, chocolate square thing

My taste testers said it was good. Well.....Ben, who's almost 7, will eat anything that resembles candy. And Paul, who really isn't eating these sort of things right now, thinks any little bite he can get is heaven. LOL So it will be eat at everyone's own risk. ;)

Perhaps I should bring the camera and dedicate an upcoming blog post to the tastey morsels we will be sampling tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow!

Thanks for looking. :)

Oh and PS: For those of you who are having panic attacks just thinking about having to figure out what to do about your holiday treats, check out Sweet Shellis. She's in Newmarket and her baked goods are sooooo delish. Yes, I may have purchased a few of her goodies last Christmas..... uh yeah...just a few..... ;)

-- Lisa P.


Unknown said...

Lisa the Baker....Will wonders never cease. How do we get samples?

Lisa Piellusch said...

You'll have to organize your own cookie exchange. Either that, or come up for a visit. LOL :)

Karen said...

Lisa I just LOVED your blog....I think you and Doug are soul mates. The pictures are great, you really captured the moments of a "perfect cookie exchange" thank you!