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Monday, January 3, 2011

MISCELLANEOUS: Bring on 2011! :)

2011 already! 2010 seems like such a blur. Time has always gone by quickly, but I think even more so since having a child growing up in the house.

I had all of these things I wanted to get done during the 'holidays'. I must say, I'm not very good at working at home when the rest of the family is on holidays from work and school. :( The week between Christmas and New Year's was a busy time with family and friends. It was quite nice actually. :)

Some of my work plans during that time included reviewing my costs (as every busines owner should do periodically) and re-align my pricing accordingly. I also wanted to organize and announce new product offerings. And probably the toughest thing (for me) was that I wanted to get my home office all organized and start the year off 'fresh'.

How did I do? I did a wee bit of work on the first two and as far as the organization goes..... well that didn't happen.

I decided that it was good to take a bit of time with the family and enjoy a few days with them. I could do without the few extra pounds I packed on though (and my Wii Fit Plus disc seems to be having issues too!).

So now my first order of business for 2011 is to totally re-organize my business office and our personal office/play room space. Boy what a job! But I did get a decent start yesterday :)

I hope to get my first Newsletter for 2011 out this week, as well as post my new pricing and product offering information.

I knew this picture of Ben cleaning the bathroom (the one and only time he's done it so far in his 7 years) would come in handy one day ;)

Thanks for looking.

-- Lisa P.

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