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Sunday, January 30, 2011

MY COMMUNITY: Helping Hearts

What a great week this past week has been :)

In addition to the usual every day 'stuff', I had a photo session with the adorable Alexander. We were supposed to schedule his 9 month session in mid-late December, but everyone was so busy with the holidays that it just didn't happen. So we did a 10 month instead :) So much fun!

I also applied to be a Photographer for Helping Hearts .  I heard about Helping Hearts early last week from fellow Photographer, Jennifer Gilbert of Naturally Beautiful Photography on Facebook.  She had posted that she had been accepted to their group.  I checked it out and decided to apply.  On Wednesday, I heard back from Helping Hearts that I had been accepted to join the team.  YAY!! :)

Helping Hearts is a project created by Melissa Knowles & Michelle Regner from B.C. with the goal of being able to provide free photography sessions for families with sick children.

"Throughout a childs life, most families probably wouldn't expect their child to become ill, and possibly be hospitalized, or confined to home. This journey can cause a roller coaster of emotions for families – confusion, sadness, hope, celebration, and grief. During these times of transition, families may not have considered how important it may be to preserve the precious changes in their children. As parents and photographers, the Helping Hearts team of Photographers knows families will cherish these captured moments."  -- Taken from the Helping Hearts web site

If you are a family looking to book a session with a photographer in your area please email info@helping-hearts.ca. There is also more information on the web site under the 'For Families' section.

If you are a photographer looking to join the Helping Hearts team please email photographers@helping-hearts.ca. You can also find more information on the web site under the 'For Photographers' section.

I'm very excited to be a part of such a wonderful Canadian organization. :)

You can see the new logo on my blog over on the right side.

Thanks so much for looking.

 -- Lisa P.

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