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Saturday, March 14, 2009

GETTING ORGANIZED: More Customization

I've been working on site customization forever! OK, OK. I guess it hasn't been forever, it's been a few months now. It just feels like forever.

My problem is that I'm very stubborn and I want to do it all myself! haha I know I can ask for help on the DGRIN customization forums, but I really don't like to bother people unless I absolutely have to and there is so much information there just waiting for you to search for it. So search for it is what I did.

I had done a bit of customization a year or so ago on my personal smugmug photo site. And up until recently, I was using that site for personal as well as business photography. But late last year I knew it was finally time to separate the two.

I've spent hours, days even, searching the DGRIN customization forums and smugmug tutorials. I'm no HTML or coding specialist by any means, but I'm pretty good at following instructions and I'm good at 'copy & paste'. :) One of the most exciting things was matching up this new blog to have the same look and feel as my site. (Thanks Denise!! http://denisegoldbergplays.blogspot.com/) I also found a few neat 'gadgets' and things on Sheba Wheeler's blog (http://www.pictureyourworldphotography.blogspot.com). I love reading through Sheba's blog. She's a great writer and is always posting useful info.

I'd like to thank everyone on the DGRIN forums who contributed to the tutorials as well as thank those who help the people like me who are attempting to make their sites their own. Even everyone who asked the 'how do I...." questions helped me out, as I was able to find answers to my own questions quite easily most of the time.

I searched for a few things of my own and added them as well. I really LOVE the internet. It's so easy to find things. I couldn't imagine doing what I'm doing way back before the days of the internet. I'd be more exhausted than I am now and not as far ahead!

This weekend will be spent rearranging a few things on my main site. I'm very picky, and I always want things to be 'just perfect' before 'showing them to the world', but I've discovered that if I wait for total perfection, I'd never have moved out of the starting gates. ;) And since people already have business cards and contact information, I'd better get moving and 'finish' the main things I want to finish.

Finish is such an interesting term, as I don't think I'll ever be truly finished. This blog will be forever evolving with each post I make and my main site will hopefully grow in content as well.

On the surface, if you look at my workspaces (ok...don't laugh those of you who know me), I really don't appear to be very organized. But amongst the chaos is my sense of organization. I wouldn't be sitting here writing this entry right now if I wasn't organized. So for that I'm pretty pleased. :))


PictureYourWorld said...

Denise rocks! But don't feel bad about asking for help. Even after a long search, I sometimes had a hard time finding exactly what I needed on Dgrin, and Denise and Allen were especially helpful every time I needed it. Can't wait to see your changes on your site. I was actually thinking about doing something new to mine, too!

Lisa Piellusch said...

I just might have come to the point where I have to toss up my hand for some help. Been struggling a bit with a pop out nav bar, so we'll see how that goes.