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Monday, March 23, 2009

MY COMMUNITY: Procyon Wildlife Trade Open House

On Sunday, Dr. Cynthia Post held a trade open house at Procyon Wildlife. As I mentioned before, I'm doing some photography related volunteer work there. I took photos during the open house and perhaps Procyon can use them in upcoming newsletters, etc. There were quite a few volunteers there and the place was buzzing when I arrived.

There aren't many animals at Procyon Wildlife at the moment. Apparently within a couple of weeks, the babies will start coming in. Once the busy season starts, I'll head over there more frequently to take photographs. Hopefully I'll be able to provide suitable photographs for marketing purposes as well as for me to sell prints with some proceeds going to Procyon Wildlife. We may even do some sort of book project together, so that would be quite exciting and fun as well. :)

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