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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I like to just go out sometimes for a walk just to take a few pictures. The cool thing is that Ben (My 5 yr old) often likes to come out with me. We recently gave him our old Olympus digital point & shot camera. It's old, but wasn't cheap when I bought it several years ago. He knows he has to be very careful with it, as it's not as durable as his Fisher Price Rough & Tough version.

We went out on Sunday together. Was a lot of fun :)

Here are a few of the photos I took. I'll try and post a few that Ben took later this week.

Enjoy and remember, these are just for fun. :))

Taking a picture of the 'hole' at the bottom of the toboggan hill.

Our Number

Just a tree

Is this thing on the right setting??
Always time for posing
I wonder if anyone is living in that bird house?
Surveying the damage created by the fallen trees.
Clean up to be done. I usually use that tree beneath the broken ones as a backdrop for photo shoots.
Another posing opportunity

To view the entire gallery: http://www.pictureyourlifephotography.com/gallery/7575922_ViyM8#489693780_eFLQv

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