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Saturday, July 25, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 3 - "Choo Chooooo"

Now I think I know why people do 'Photo of the Day' instead of 'Photo of the Week'! It's difficult sometimes to pick just one photo.

Last week was a busy week and even in one day included things like Ben taking the bandage off of his teddy bear that went to the teddy bear clinic the weekend before, a hike with good friends and a surprise birthday party.

I had hubby help narrow down the choice from all of the photos taken last week. Then I had Ben help pick the final one. Here it is:

"Choooo Choooo"

Why this one? I took this while on a hike with Debbie and Parky. The hike they took me on to get me out of the house while Paul and some other friends got things set up for the party. So it covers off a lot of things for me :)

-- Lisa P.


Anonymous said...

Hey cool Lisa! You got it eventhough it was travelling faster than the speed of light :)

And what a walk it was. Poor Parky. lol


Lisa Piellusch said...

Yes! You made us walk for longer than we had to! LOL :)