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Sunday, September 20, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week 11 - T-ball Ends Until Next Season

Week 11 marked the end of the T-ball season for this year. The weather was decent, the games were short and the end of season 'banquet' (which consists of hotdogs, ice cream, medals and trophies) was enjoyed by all.

I love how the boys are holding on tight to their trophies and how big brother jumped in at the last second to be in the picture. :))

End of T-Ball For 2009

So since T-ball is over for the season, I won't be subjecting you to Ben's t-ball photos. LOL Well......I might do a season recap, but that won't be part of the Photo of the Week project. ;)

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-- Lisa P.


Unknown said...

That is such a great shot...typical of the big brother as well! lol

Lisa Piellusch said...

I think the two ball players had no idea he jumped in behind them. ;)