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Friday, July 23, 2010

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #3 - My Little 'Ride Warrior'

OK, so not the most technical photo by far, but it does fit the category of being "something I have an emotional attachment to".

This summer, Ben grew to that magical height of 48". Why do I say 'magical'? It means he can ride on many of the 'big' rides at Canada's Wonderland.

Last year, he was able to ride about 3 of the level 4 rides if someone went on with him. The rest of the time he reluctantly had to ride what he referred to as 'the baby rides'. Many of the photos I took last year showed him with a 'this is so lame' look on his face.

THIS year he can do so much more, so I bought Season's Passes. He sees the commercials, he's seen the rides up close. "Can I go on the Behemoth now, Mommy?". "No honey, not yet. You're still too short to go on that one. Maybe in the next year or two." "Can I go on the Drop Tower?" "No sweetie, maybe next year or the year after." "AWWWWWW. NO FAIR! I'm big now!"

When I hear the 'Ride Warrior' commercials on the radio and see them on TV, I can totally picture Ben in one of them in years to come. LOL

We went last week again to Wonderland with a friend who is a year younger than Ben and perhaps not quite as 'brave' as Ben. He's definitely shorter. So I explained ahead of time that the visit that day would be to go on rides in Planet Snoopy and Kidsville. "Awwww but I wanna go on the big rides!" I explained that he could go on a few of them, but that's why we got the Season's Passes.....so we could do different things on different days. And all of the rides are fun! So he bought it and off we went.

He went on a few of the bigger rides himself and his friend went on a few of the littler rides himself as well. They did a lot together and had a fun time :)

Here is my little Ride Warrior in action on one of his most favourite rides this year. He's the one in the red shirt....yeah, with the big smile on his face. Of course, he had to sit right up front.

"Ride Warrior"

The first time he went on 'The Bat' (on a previous visit to the park), we went together. Just before the ride let us go, he yelled out "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE SO SOON...YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!". He was so happy and excited to go on the 'big' rides finally.

Thanks for looking. :)

-- Lisa P.


Anonymous said...

My son hit that magical height this year too. It was a little scary for me to see him on some of those big rides! Lol. Have a great night!

Lisa Piellusch said...

He's still not happy that he can't ride the 'biggest' rides (I think the height for those is 54 inches). Hopefully it won't take him too many years to get that tall....although a few of those rides look crazy even for adults to be riding! LOL