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Friday, July 16, 2010


Finally, some photos from our photo walk in Toronto! :) Clicking on any of the photos in this post will take you to the gallery where I have a more photos from the walk posted. I figured I was already posting way too many in this post! ;)

Street type photography really isn't my thing. It's something I'm not comfortable doing (i.e.: taking photos of strangers on the street) and you'll notice that most of the photos don't even have people in them. LOL :) My building/architecture type shots are also not that exciting. :(

I did, however, get some shots of some very colourful things and also managed to sneak in a few cool shots :)) I consider every time I go out to shoot an opportunity to learn something new, so it's good to get out and do things that I'd consider to be out of my comfort zone.

It rained and rained in the morning. Poured actually. So we started inside at the Eaton Centre. They were doing some sort of construction or repairs, so there was scaffolding from the lower level up to the street level. You can see a bit of it at the bottom of the picture.

Eaton Centre

"Ready, Aim...."

I was feeling a bit uninspired as we walked through the underground 'Path' down towards Front Street. I did stop to take a picture of this:

"Any mail for me?"

It didn't turn out quite how I was hoping. :( I would have taken another shot, but the security guard from that area came over and asked us what we were photographing. I almost said...."Ummm the mailboxes" (I mean really....he obviously saw....). But fortunately one of the guys answered that we were taking tourist type pictures. :) I figured it would be best if I just kept moving along. LOL

Next, some shots of the rain coming down outside. It's more difficult to photograph rain than I thought! David had set up the outdoor furniture in the area a bit nicer for our shots, but the ones I took of that didn't really turn out. You couldn't really tell it was raining and so it looked like an uninspired picture of some tables and chairs. LOL :) So I tried this instead.

Raindrops and Bubbles

I really do like different textures

A picture of a person, but I know this person....haha :)

"Getting the shot"

There were some interesting things along the indoor walk.

"Mood lighting?"

We went as far South as Union Station.

"I think it's this way"

Then, after we had some lunch, the rain finally stopped. :) I wish the sky had been more interesting for this one.

Finally, Outside!

OK, this is probably the closest thing to 'Street Photography' that I got.

Downtown hustle and bustle

We stumbled on this old green truck. There's a picture of the entire truck in the gallery. This is just a close-up.

Such a happy colour

We made our way over to Kensington Market to see what things we could photograph there. I love looking at graffiti. I'm hoping to somehow make my own for my studio. We'll see how that goes....LOL :)

Love the colours

And of course, there was food.

Straightening the 'shelves'

Lots of graffiti. You'll find more shots in the gallery when you click on any of the photos in this post.


Time to get moving

I thought this shop was cute. I wish I didn't catch so much glare in the window though :(

"What? No cookies?"

And finally, if you can't find a pot, just use an old car......

Urban Garden?

Thanks David and Al for going on the walk. Was definitely fun times, despite the rain. We'll have to try it again on a not so rainy day :)

Thanks for looking! :))

-- Lisa P.


Bryan Weiss said...

Nice shots Lisa! Id love to do a street crawl with you!

Lisa Piellusch said...

Thanks Bryan :) We'll definitely let you know the next time we go out.

Anonymous said...

Uninspired at best... Not sure why so many supposed experienced photographers think something is attractive or artistic if they shoot it at an angle with a wide aperture. Too many fairly predictable framed shots. I expect this kinda stuff from the dSLR kids on flickr but you call yourself a photographer...

Lisa Piellusch said...

Thank you 'Anonymous' for taking the time to stop by, have a look and comment. Everyone's opinion is welcome here and hopefully you read the 'story' that went along with the post as well. :)