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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PERSONAL - Jr. B. Softball 2010 Recap

So last week was a bit of an unusual and a bit of a crazy week with some unplanned personal/family things going on. All ended well and the weekend was spent with friends, which was very nice. I think I consumed so many calories that night between the martinis, muffins, cheesecake, and other foods, that I really should be chained to my Wii Fit 24/7 for the next month......but yeah, you know that's NOT going to happen! :)

I thought I'd do a fun post. Well...., not many of my posts are really that serious, but hopefully the story and photos will make you smile. :)

As you may know from previous posts, my 6 (almost 7) year old was in Jr. B. Softball this summer. He was on the 'Blue' team (Centre Ice Sports). Jr. B. includes kids from ages 7 to 9. Ben wasn't 7 yet, but turns 7 this year, so no more T-ball for him. I think he was probably the youngest kid on the team and definitely the one who usually paid the least amount of attention at practices and games. (at least so it seemed)

It's always a good time for a rest

Not much action in the outfield

His coach, 'Coach Nick', was fantastic with the kids. He continually made the game fun, while teaching the kids the basics they need to know in order to play ball and even win a few games! In Jr. B., the kids are learning more about the actual rules, how to make plays and many things they needed to learn to play safe. (Ben was not happy to learn about the 'force out')

"Keep the glove up so you don't get hit in the face with the ball"

"Just a little bit closer, Ben"

Be ready in the field....

...so you can make a quick throw in

Ben REALLY liked Coach and thankfully, Coach liked him too. Anyone who stopped by to watch a game, who didn't know better, would have probably thought that Ben was Coach's kid. Hmmm I wonder why......

"But I'm feeling a little bit cold, Coach"

Coach Nick had the patience of a Saint. Ben can be very trying on your patience and he's a master of distraction and changing the subject (that, and arm farts).

Coach Nick was very smart. He kept his biggest trouble maker close at hand. If Ben was out in the field, Coach Nick wasn't too many steps away.

'Playing' in the outfield

Ben, however, kept Coach Nick even closer.

"Let me know if the ball comes this way"

"It's not looking good, Coach"

Apparently, when Ben wasn't tossing out the 'one-liners', he was giving the play by play to Coach. Maybe he actually was paying attention to what was going on afterall.

Perhaps being a jock isn't in his future, but comedian, sports commentator, stunt man, politician, actor....who knows. LOL!!

And now I'd like to end with this........ Why did I never remember to cut that dang tag off of his shirt before we left for every game?!?!

Those tags sticking out drive me crazy!

Hopefully Ben will want to play Jr. B. again next year, and hopefully he will either be on Coach Nick's team again or have a Coach just as awesome as Nick was for him this year.

Thanks Coach Nick!

Thanks for looking! :)

-- Lisa P.

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