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Saturday, October 2, 2010

PHOTO OF THE WEEK #13 - Waiting for the Bus

Last week started off with Ben's first day of catching the bus at the house. He's been taking a school bus to school already, but had been catching it at Rocking Horse, the daycare where he was going before and after 'Big' school.

It's been interesting getting into a new routine in the morning and after school, since he now spends 3 more hours with me each day. So far so good. For him, it's great. He gets to sleep in an hour longer than when he used to go to Rocking Horse. He loves that. We'll see how things go once the snow comes. Should be interesting.

Waiting for the Bus

So far I haven't forgotten to go out to meet him after school at the end of the driveway, but that's only because I have a reminder in my calendar.... ;) I tend to get so wrapped up in what I'm working on that I lose track of time. Bus drop off time comes so quickly!!

The photos I took that day mark another small milestone in his little life. There are so many and I love capturing each and every one of them!

Thanks for looking. :)

-- Lisa P.

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