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Thursday, October 14, 2010

PERSONAL - Tottenham Fire Hall Open House

This one's from last week. The local Fire Halls were having Open Houses for Fire Prevention Week. Our volunteer Fire Fighters are awesome! :) Fortunately there were no calls during the Open House, so they didn't have to take off.

Getting Autographs

Only if you spend every day with Ben, would you really know how important it was for him to go to this Open House. Ever since he first learned about Fire Fighters and Police Officers at 'big school' (probably since Kindergarten), when they would come in for presentations, etc., he's wanted to get their autographs. "They are REAL Heros and I want to have their autographs" he would always say as we would pass them on the streets, roads, highways, etc. while they were working. Every time I'd have to tell him that it wasn't really a good time to ask them for their autographs, because they were very very busy working.

Well, he FINALLY got his chance! Yes, my Ben was the crazy kid who was running around trying to find all of the Fire Fighters at the Open House to get their autographs. He was so excited! He took his Buzz Lightyear note pad and borrowed a pen from me and off he went.

Strapped in with his Buzz Lighyear notebook

I didn't get photos of everyone signing, but I did get a few. Here are a couple of collages (otherwise there would have been way too many photos in this post!)

Getting Autographs

More autographs and learning about fire safety

He even got Sparky's autograph!!

He loved getting to see inside the fire trucks and climb on them......

Uh Ben....are you supposed to be climing on that

But he did get to climb out the window of the 'house' when they were learning about smoke and fire inside houses.

I think he did this more than once....

He was disappointed that kids weren't allowed to try out the fire extinguishers on the fire. Only adults were allowed to try it. Actually, what I think he was MORE disappointed about was not being able to control the gas trigger that was lighting the fires!

This fire needs to be put out

Hurry, before it's too late!

It's working!

Almost out!

I did give it a try as I haven't actually used a fire extinguisher before. I gave Ben my camera and he was going to take a picture of me doing it, but he said the camera didn't work. My guess is that because it was so dark, it was having troubles focusing and he didn't know what to do.

He defininitely didn't get everyone, so watch out for him next year!

The evening ended with a 'Photo Opp' with some friends.

One last climb

Thank you to all of you who took the time to sign his book and teach him about fire safety. Even though he wasn't allowed to try to put the fire out with the fire extinguisher, he was still one happy little boy. :)

Thanks for reading :)

Oh, and a bit of a side note, he was very excited to see himself in the local paper this week in a couple of the photos Wendy took of that event for the Times. :) It's like he's famous now. LOL

-- Lisa P.

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