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Thursday, October 21, 2010

PERSONAL - Fall Fun with the Family OR How I Spent 10-10-10

So 10-10-10 has come and gone. Really, in a blink of an eye it seems. Did you have any big plans for that day? Did you actually follow through?? (leave a comment and share!) :)

I didn't really have anything planned in advance. It was a Sunday and you never know what the weather will be like this time of year. Well, lucky for me it was gorgeous.

I spent the day with my family. It started with Ben and I going out to catch the sunrise. He forgot his gloves so I gave him mine. Boy did my hands get cold!! It wasn't the most spectacular sunrise, but a sunrise nonetheless. I love sunrise time. <3

Catching the Sunrise

Catching a picture of Ben Catching the Sunrise

Catching Ben taking a picture of me :)

The sunrise was pretty quick and we were cold (could you see the frost on the grass??), so we went home for breakfast and lazed a bit. Then we all went driving to see the colours and to get some apples!

A lot of the leaves have already dropped. I don't know if it is actually true, but it seems that a lot of the trees turned early this year and we've also had quite a bit of wind, so they've also dropped earlier as well.

Some pretty Fall colours

Then we drove to the Apple farm :)) We decided to go to Albion Orchards since it was relatively close. We'd never been before but had heard from neighbours that it was a good place.

Albion Orchards

You don't just get apples there, you can also have fun!

Playing in the Hay

We did pick apples and we bought apples already picked. I think we came home with over 50 pounds of apples!!

There were yellow apples

There were red apples

They are all soooooo delicous! We've made apple juice, apple/carrot juice, apple pie and apple crisp. Mmmmmm so many apples. Still so many to use up too. We still have to make the caramel and candy apples. I can't wait to do that. I think Ben's forgotten because he hasn't mentioned it since we brought everything home that day.

I took a ton more pictures, but no need to bore you to death with them ;)

So all in all, I must say that I had a very nice 10-10-10. How about you??

Thanks for reading! :)

-- Lisa P.

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