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Friday, March 25, 2011

BEHIND THE SCENES: Something Fun Coming Soon.....

I was so happy to get my home studio space moved up from the basement. Our basement does not have high ceilings at all. Low ceilings make me sad. So being on the main floor, where the ceiling height is 'normal', makes me very happy. :) Thanks so much to hubby Paul and to Ben for their help in getting my new space organized (and for letting me take over the TV room) and to Al for helping hang the doors and moving some of the furniture.

I was even more excited to have the space ready for this past Sunday's trial session of something fun I'm hoping clients and potential clients will like. :)

Here are some 'behind the scenes' photos from Sunday. (Thanks Bill & Ben for taking some pictures of me taking pictures of Sue) :)

A little bit of makeup

Some colour

A Gentle Hand

Let's Glam Up Those Lashes

Add a bit of Curl

A Little Shimmer

What The Heck Is This??

Give Me Some Sass! ;)

Excuse the messy background. Yes, I'm already complaining that I wish I had more space in my studio. LOL I guess I'm never satisfied! But I AM happy :)) See that steamer in the background?? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my steamer. I couldn't imagine having to iron all of those fabric pieces!

Thanks to Debbie, Sue, Veronica and Cynthia for an awesome session!!

Stay tuned for more info and some shots of the final product soon!

Thanks for looking. :)

-- Lisa P.

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