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Thursday, March 17, 2011

PERSONAL: Sitting This Round Out

I decided to sit this round of the Bissell MVP Photo contest out. I was late getting a photo submitted (it slipped my mind because of March break I think) and we would have lost a day while the photo was being approved.

Thanks to everyone who has been voting. :)

I couldn't resist posting a few pictures here for you though.

I don't know how Ben can let her do this to him! Yuck!!

"It's Snowing Out! And I can see my boy out there playing...without me!!"

I'm pretty sure that tongue just 'got' him

I'm a bit behind on some things this week. Having Ben home with me for March break is definitely interesting. I'm not getting as much work done as I hoped I would. He's been pretty good though. He and Maggie have been 'helping' me get my 'new' studio space ready. Sometimes they are more helpful than others. It's starting to come together though. Woot! So exciting :) The doors I ordered to block off the room from the dog and cat (and anyone else who shouldn't be going in there) are scheduled to arrive Friday.

I'll post some photos once it's all done.

Thanks for looking! :)

-- Lisa P.

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