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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PERSONAL: We're still trying to win $$ for Aussie Rescue....Time for Round 8!

Yes, we're still trying to win some money for Aussie Rescue!!

Round 8 starts today. I actually got the image in yesterday so I don't have to wait until later today to post the link!!

Here's the link to Maggie's new voting photo: BISSELL MVP CONTEST LINK

Of course, we also have a photo for you to look at here as well :)

"If I show you how fluffy my tummy is, will you vote for me?"

Remember, we're trying to get hundreds and hundreds of votes during the voting period to qualify for the finals. There's no way for us to know how close or far away we are since they had to remove the vote count from showing, but back in round 3 or so, we would have needed about 1300+ votes or so. My guess is we need more than that now. There aren't many rounds left. Please pass the word along to your friends.

To view past blog posts about this contest, click on this link and scroll down through my personal blog posts: PERSONAL BLOG LINKS

Thanks for voting and thanks for looking!

-- Lisa P.

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