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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #13: Are you comfortable having your photo taken in public?

There are so many options for photo session locations these days. They can be indoors or outdoors, more formal or casual. Weather can also play a big factor. Sometimes there is no choice but to have an indoor session.

Some of the most fun shoots I've done have been outdoors and in more public settings. Sometimes clients start off a bit apprehensive, but most forget that there are strangers around watching and we all have a really fun time! :)

Here are a couple of examples of outdoor, more public type shots I've done.

Along the side of the road - Bolton, ON

A bridge near Bolton, ON

Lakeside - Goderich, ON

The Goderich one was TONS of fun and we were killing ourselves laughing, wondering what the folks sitting on the park benches watching the sunset must have been thinking about a bunch of gals being somewhat silly with another one following them around with a camera!! ;)

These locations were relatively quiet from a passersby perspective, but still public. The bridge did end up having a fair bit of vehicle traffic since we arrived there during rush hour. ("OK guys....look all romancey......OK wait...the 18-wheeler has passed now" ROFL) But it added to the laughs and fun of the shoot :)

So this week I want to know........

Are you comfortable having your photo taken in a public place, or are you more of a private studio/location type of person? (and I'm not referring to shots like Boudoir!!) LOL

GO! Vote Vote Vote!!


I'm comfortable having my photo taken in a public setting 7 (100%)
No way. Private studio/location only please 0 (0%)

-- Lisa P.

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