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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #14: Do you edit your photos??

So it looks like we're all comfortable with strutting our stuff in front of a camera in public :) I think outdoor portraits are some of the most fun I've ever had the fortunate opportunity to shoot. :)

I've been organizing my home office and somehow misplaced my list of poll topics (which is my excuse for being late with the new poll this week). But I did come up with something this morning while washing my hair in the shower. I'm pretty convinced that washing my hair stimulates the creative part of my brain, because it seems I get most of my ideas while washing my hair in the shower! LOL I did also get a couple of ideas last night from my Facebook Page followers. Thanks David and Matt! I'll be adding your suggestions to my list :))

So this week the question is pretty simple:

Do you edit your photos before showing them to your family and friends or do you show them straight out of the camera (SOOC)?

I pretty much edit all of my photos now because I shoot pretty much exclusively in RAW format. Sometimes I might just do a straight conversion to JPEG (which I consider to to be SOOC), but usually I'll do some small adjustment like boosting contrast or even cropping.

So go vote!! :))


Yes, I edit before sharing them 3 (33%)
No, it's straight out of the camera for me 6 (66%)


-- Lisa P.

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