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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WEEKLY POLL 15: What online photo sharing service(s) do you use?

Back in Weekly Poll #4 I asked how you share your photos. The number of votes was small, but when you turn votes into percentages, 60% of you who voted use online galleries for sharing photos. (Don't you just love stats?? heehee) :)

So for this week, tell us all what online galleries or photo sharing services do you use?

I have my own photo web sites (one for personal, one for professional) as well as a family web site and a facebook. Wow.....I think I spend too much time online... ;)

So I'll try to list the ones I know about and some of the more known ones, but if yours isn't listed, please add a comment to this post to tell us what you use.

And for everyone: Leave a comment with a link to your online galleries so we can all see your fabulous photos!! :))

OK....go vote vote vote!!


Smugmug 2 (40%)
Flickr 2 (40%)
Photobucket 1 (20%)
Webshots 0 (0%)
Fotki 0 (0%)
Kodak EasyShare Gallery 0 (0%)
Twitter 1 (20%)
MySpace 1 (20%)
Self Hosted 1 (20%)
Other (Please add a comment to the corresponding post) 4 (80%)
-- Lisa P.


PictureYourWorld said...

Hey there Lisa P, I put a check by several of them, and I was looking for Facebook, since you can post photos up there too. I primarily use SmugMug and my site is at www.pictureyourworld.net. Tell me what you think of it!

Heather said...

I've used Picassa in the past though it doesn't really have any tools per se. It's just for displaying pics as far as I know.

Lisa Piellusch said...

I don't know what happened to Facebook as an option on the poll!! I had it close to the top when I was first adding it. Ooops. I use it all of the time as well.

And Sheba, LOVE your pics!! :)) Everyone.....go check out her site.

I forgot about Picassa as well, Heather. I've had people share pics with me who were using Picassa.

There are so many fabulous options for sharing photos these days. I LOVE it! :)

al said...


M.A. Carletta said...

Facebook is the only place I've put photos up online so far.

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