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Saturday, October 31, 2009

CONTINUAL LEARNING: A Summer Session With Daytripper Photo

Continual learning is important to me. You don't know what you don't know, so I'm of the school that the more I can learn the better off I'll be. :)

In August I did another session with Daytripper Photo. The session was held at Torrey Pines Stables and we had three assignments to capture: Colour, Time and Solitude.

What a beautiful venue. We broke into smaller groups and began the task of capturing our assignment photographs.

I found 'Colour' to be one of the easiest ones for me to work on. With such beautiful flora available on the farm, there was an abundance of colour. You've seen this one before as it was my 'Photo of the Week' from that week. :)

"Happy Yellow"

The most difficult of the assignments for me was the interpretation of Time. I suppose as I look back at the photos I took now, there are a few options I could have used for the Time assignment. I took quite a few of the horse trotting around the corral and I've stopped his action with the photo I've taken. (so froze a moment in time so to speak). But the one that I did take with the assignment in mind was this one.


The reason I had thought this one would work for the Time assignment was that I thought it looked much like the sun coming up in the morning (even though it was actually lake afternoon). To me it looked like 'fresh' sunlight waking up the forest. :)

The last assignment was to capture Solitude. I had two that I felt did this.

"Lone Sprinkler"

"A Quiet Moment"

In the second photo, it may be a little difficult to see the horse and rider on the left side. But I think that even if they weren't in the photo, it still reminds me of solitude.

In addition to the three assignments, we also had the opportunity to take some people pictures. We were lucky to have Tony (one of the guys who works with Bryan) bring out his wife and new baby. :)

Initially we were going to take the photos outdoors, but it was getting dark and the mosquitoes were quite bad. So we moved things into the barn.

In sessions like this, I find it more challenging to get the pictures I'd like to because of how many people are also there trying to do the same thing. But I love a challenge and did do some fun things in post processing that turned out alright. Not great, but alright :)

Here are a few of the people shots:

"Family Love"

"A Precious Little Package"

"Mommy Love"

"A Beautiful Family"

If you click on any of the photos above, you will be taken to a gallery that also has a few more photos in it that I have posted from that day.

It was another great session and I had a lot of fun. If anyone is interested in information about Daytripper Photo, you can contact Bryan Weiss through contact information on his web site or his Facebook Business Page.

Thanks for looking :)

-- Lisa P.

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