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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #20 - Do you have a camera on your mobile phone?

Last month I got my Palm Pre. I finally have a cell phone with a camera on it. I wasn't sure how much I'd use it. I mean c'mon.....I have some really great camera equipment. What the heck do I need with a camera phone??

Well.....I love having it! :)

Impromptu Visit to the Beach

Being Silly with Family

What Did That Plumbing Look Like Again??

Need to Get More Stain

These are straight out of the camera phone. Yes, I know.....not professional quality. But for the purpose they were taken for, the camera phone was an awesome alternative to hauling out my D700!!

So, do you have one? Do you use it?? Go, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!! :) (Just look over near the top right column)


Yes, but I don't use it much, if at all. 4 (44%)
Yes and I use it ALL of the time!! 4 (44%)
No, I don't have a camera phone. 1 (11%)

-- Lisa P.

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