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Thursday, October 22, 2009

WEEKLY POLL #22 - Sunrises or Sunsets?

I just realized that I didn't do a post to go with the new web poll. It's been a bit of a hectic week as my 5 yr old has been home sick most of it. I seem to be getting more behind in so many things, including my weekly posts!

The poll last week was pretty much a dud. Nobody cares about food! LOL :) So let's try something different this time.

What's your preference? Sunrise or Sunset photos? What would you prefer to see hanging on your wall?

"Sunrise Over Eagle Lake - Ontario, Canada"

I know that sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference, but if you HAD to pick one or the other, what would it be??

Poll can be found in the usual spot over on the right hand side :)


I prefer Sunrise Photos 3 (50%)
I prefer Sunset Photos 3 (50%)

-- Lisa P.


PictureYourWorld said...

I feel the same way. My house is a mess, I haven't done laundry in months (I didn't even know I had enough clothes to go for months! hehehehe) and the dishes piled up in the kitchen are starting to grow legs and walk away. Hope your son gets well soon and you stay healthy too. This weekend, you and I both need a break.

Lisa Piellusch said...

Isn't that 'normal'? LOL Feels like it is. Well, the weekend was a busy one for me. I think that's just the way it's going to be. Fun times though :))

Thanks Sheba!! :)