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Saturday, October 3, 2009

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Week #13 - Family Times of Remembrance

The theme of last week was Family, Family, Family. My sister arrived on the Wednesday to help me clean the house in preparation for a few other family guests who were arriving a couple of days later. (Thank you Brenda!!!!)

Saturday was a get together at Aunt Phyllis' with family and close friends and Sunday was Uncle Pete's "Celebration of Life" Service and another family get together at Aunt Laura and Uncle Harry's.

The photo chosen for the Photo of the Week isn't conventional. I broke some of my 'rules'. But I think it's a good excuse to break the 'rules'. ;)

I wasn't able to choose just one, so I made a small collage. Also, I didn't take each of the photos. Thank you Marcia for following me around to get pictures of me with the family so it wouldn't look like I wasn't even there! :) Thank you Ben for taking the picture of Uncle Pete's photograph at the service. It turned out quite nice :) <3

Family Times of Remembrance

I think it definitely fits into the first two rules I have which are:

* be a good representation of what the week was all about
* be something that I have an emotional attachment to

The top left is of me and Aunt Phyllis (Uncle Pete's wife). The bottom is of Uncle Pete's brothers and sisters. The picture at the right is of course, Uncle Pete.

Thanks for looking.

-- Lisa P.

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