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Sunday, May 3, 2009

MISCELLANEOUS: The end of another very busy weekend

No photos to post along with this entry unfortunately. I'm too exhausted.

I often wonder how people managing photography businesses part time in addition to 'day jobs' and family obligations do it. During the past couple of years there have been times when things have become very overwhelming.

But at the end of the day, as I sit and reflect on this weekend (and even on the past couple of weeks), I'm reminded why the many, may hours are worth it.

The Boudoir photo shoot last weekend was an absolute blast. It was and exhausting 5-6 hours of shooting and testing lighting, etc. but was so worth it in the end. The ladies were fantastic and while not all shots turned out the way I had hoped, I was very surprised at how many proofs for each woman I was able to provide them with and was equally surprised at how many of them they like! :) And the feedback from some initial post processing has been very positive as well. Oh how I love this job! :)

My 5 year old asked me if we could do another 'Photo Walk' so he could take pictures of the sun coming up. How cool is that?! So we were out the door shortly after 6am this morning. I didn't take many photos this time. This was his trip and I was the chauffeur. It's interesting the things he wants to photograph. I can't wait to buy him his first DSLR one day. I'm having troubles trying to show him how to use some of the not so automatic settings on our old Point and Shoot that I gave him. Would be so much easier on me if he had an entry level Nikon (like the D40 or D60...or anything similar)!! haha He even commented today that he would be able to get the entire pond in his shot if he had a big one like mine (as he said pointing to my lens which has a wider angle than his camera does). He asks questions and wants to know what the settings are for and can't wait to see his pictures in 'big' on his computer. While we were having breakfast at McDonald's, he told me it was the best day ever! :D

This afternoon I must have spent almost 4 hours (over two trips) at Procyon Wildlife shooting pictures of the animals there. Was a great experience and I'll write more about it in another post. I think I've definitely found the right place to volunteer my time and give a little something back.

So yeah, I'm still exhausted and can barely type because my arms are so tired, and I must still have somewhere close to 1000 photos that still need to be reviewed and processed (between personal photos, client photos and volunteer work photos), but it's all sooooooo worth it!! :D

Thanks for reading and next time I promise to include some photos! ;)

-- Lisa P.

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