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Friday, May 22, 2009

ON THE BUSINESS SIDE: Networking & Data Storage

I'm excited because an old colleague of mine is coming over tomorrow morning to help me sort out my networking and data storage issues and requirements for both my personal and business environments.

Why am I so excited? Because my hard drives are full, my backup drives are full (I over do things when I do backups because I'm so paranoid about making sure I don't lose ANY files, especially client related files and those personal ones that are near and dear to my heart) and I'm tired of not having the photo I need on the computer I'm working on when working on various client and personal projects. I see a positive impact to my workflow in my future, and that's before adding some new software tools into the mix!!

I'm not looking for a really complicated or expensive solution. Just something that will meet my needs and is also relatively simple to manage and maintain. I'm not a techie, but I'm not computer illiterate by any means. My biggest issue is just not having the time to research and set things up properly by myself. This is one situation where I can buy time for myself. And I'd much rather work with someone I know and trust than hiring a complete stranger. My client (and personal) files are REALLY important to me and I won't allow just anyone to mess around with them. We won't resolve everything tomorrow. He needs to come and take a look at my current set up first. But there may be a few small things that can be done right away that will help. :)

The downside is that I have to tidy up my office. OK....more than just tidy it up. It's a disaster. While it may sometimes appear that I'm very organized, if you look in my office you see a very different picture. I can't take all of the blame. I have to share space with my 5 yr old. He does have a small corner filled with 'artwork' he prints out along with his various computer CD's, random toys and miscellaneous articles of clothing which he feels is perfectly acceptable to leave tossed around his computer. And while I did contemplate taking a photo and posting it here, I changed my mind and will keep that tiny detail a mystery to most of you! ;)

The question is whether or not I will start tidying up tonight, or if I'll take the night off and just get up early as usual tomorrow and tackle the job then. I'm hearing a Smirnoff Ice calling my name from the fridge. Or wait....is that a chocolate martini I hear? I might just have to go and check it out. ;)

-- Lisa P.


Anonymous said...

"While it may sometimes appear that I'm very organized" ... ahem, did you choke on that comment??? :)


Lisa Piellusch said...

What? You didn't see the 'sometimes' and 'appear'?? ;)

-- Lisa P.